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Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!
Kid Nation - JonTron
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VR Troopers - JonTron
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Copper Sponge
Copper Sponge 8 timer siden
I was born In 2008 and I remember seeing the first one on tv Wtf?
Khayman Sember
Khayman Sember 8 timer siden
What a blessed Thanksgiving-*OH MY GOD, THERE’S A HORSE IN MY HOUSE!*
Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson 8 timer siden
This version of aquaman first showed up in an episode of the justice league cartoon. During the fall of Atlantis, he was saving a child and in the process, he lost his hand, and he later replaced it with a hook.
Nick 8 timer siden
That Captain Dickhead cameo was top tier.
GVNSTARR 9 timer siden
5:48 this accidentally predicted season 5.
Raminmin 9 timer siden
Imagine if Jon tron changed his channel pfp to that logo he made
Skeleton Rocker Gaming
That one chick that jumped in the water looks like the dad from Wild Thornberries
Kevin Mccooey
Kevin Mccooey 9 timer siden
Such a [email protected] smartass lmao..
Alex 9 timer siden
And heres where that damn good intros comes
Samuel Murrell-Cole
Samuel Murrell-Cole 9 timer siden
Jon Tron is hilarious
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 9 timer siden
Selo Ardian
Selo Ardian 9 timer siden
ZanyVR 9 timer siden
1:46 Really didn’t expect Jon to be strapped with a Luger, one of the best clips
Dany _the_penguin
Dany _the_penguin 9 timer siden
I remember when this video came out, it was humorous.
Ash941 10 timer siden
8:36,just,8:36,watch it,that’s all I have to say
Samuel Murrell-Cole
Samuel Murrell-Cole 10 timer siden
You could've called this game bird verse camel and no one would have argued with you. Hoo hoo
Tsukuyomi 10 timer siden
his look hasnt changed in 7 years.. anyone could remember him
Ricky Raaccoon
Ricky Raaccoon 10 timer siden
Man. Just say him in a warpath advertisement on NOsections
qwuffle 10 timer siden
how do they know i live in springfield
Donkey Butt
Donkey Butt 10 timer siden
Why do they say you can get sick if you go out in the cold without proper warm clothes on or being in the cold rain getting soaked? I would get a cold or flu when i dont that!
Zero Lives Left
Zero Lives Left 11 timer siden
Here’s Philly!!
yeflynne dktne
yeflynne dktne 11 timer siden
I thought he drowned
Evan Selby
Evan Selby 11 timer siden
makes Old people noises
Donkey Butt
Donkey Butt 11 timer siden
I thought that Jack lalane guy was the juice master?
A Gay Autie
A Gay Autie 11 timer siden
I am very curious as to how many „Aaaaaaah uuuuuuunnnnghhh“s there are in this episode. (Also why does the court have a German flag?)
Techno union representative
I do not remember the first two minutes of this video, I remember it begining at the john sister being a werewolf joke
funmen Powell
funmen Powell 11 timer siden
88-60 is 28 this women dont know math
EXera Bear
EXera Bear 11 timer siden
The answer to the riddle is light, i love riddles :D
The Retro Speculative
The Retro Speculative 11 timer siden
8:34 Philly literally says "Some people think you can eat the Flex Seal family of products. You can." You heard him, folks.
cheese3821 11 timer siden
Damn people really can’t enjoy stuff
Donkey Butt
Donkey Butt 11 timer siden
I haven't watched this channel for about 5 yrs I stop following it when I had to work overtime and just simply forgot about until now, so I'm asking does he still have that bird in his videos, is it even still alive, because I thought those kinds of birds can live a very long time? Jw that's all thanks have a great day! 🦜 🐦🎥
I Speak 4 the Dead
I Speak 4 the Dead 12 timer siden
10:39 why you got just a bag of sugar sittin agains the wall in the open like that 🤔
Mythril Central
Mythril Central 12 timer siden
*simba hangs himself* (Logan Paul): hey Mavericks another banger video
Sandwich43 12 timer siden
I was watching this and got an ad with Jontron in that ad-
noah9931 noah9931
noah9931 noah9931 12 timer siden
nintendo maniac Matthew
take a grip on the load
Tomas Gallo
Tomas Gallo 12 timer siden
Good shot john
James Hopkins
James Hopkins 12 timer siden
This is a funny video. I lived in Jefferson Parish matter fact my next-door neighbor was one of the lead officers on the show with him. I asked how is it working with him everybody said he’s a fucking asshole LOL with that fake ass accent that just drives everybody up a wall. Everybody said he tries way too hard to fit in even going so far to make up a Cajun accent even though he supposedly oriental Russian and 1 million different things maybe even Mohican Indian LOL
Christian Spahn
Christian Spahn 12 timer siden
Wow that RAID plug must have made so much money
papiyankee11 12 timer siden
EDP445 after inviting Miniladd to a Discord Fans Meetup 0:18
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 12 timer siden
The obscene ankle phenotypically obtain because ostrich advantageously stuff worth a panicky rubber. draconian, political bakery
Aust1nWasTaken 13 timer siden
Anyone gonna talk about the fact that he is sponsored by raid?
The Blue Yoshi
The Blue Yoshi 13 timer siden
Scott the woz is recognized lol
The Curious Gaming Warlock
Steven seagull is basically the straight to DVD version of himself
The Curious Gaming Warlock
Steven seagull is like Chuck Norris but the opposite, not sure how to word it.
The Curious Gaming Warlock
I don't know why but watching Steven Seagull do anything just gives me a weird sense of dred, it's hard to explain.
Frostbite 13 timer siden
Dolce Madrid
Dolce Madrid 13 timer siden
Jon is laughing over the fact that the skating girl falls over a Crack but that's me irl
Scooter Maxumum
Scooter Maxumum 14 timer siden
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 14 timer siden
Battle Royal.
Troll. 14 timer siden
7:51 the irony
DanielTarik_YT 14 timer siden
4:15 When Your mom tells you to do homework and brags about it 4:19 When She says your grounded 5:46 When she lets your lil bro while your busy doing what you want
DanielTarik_YT 14 timer siden
splatoon boiii
splatoon boiii 14 timer siden
That feeling when you say there's a ghost, your boss doesn't believe you AND THEN YOU ASK FOR A DAY OFF?
StarryFeline 14 timer siden
He got a perfect sponge bob pop…
Fisher 14 timer siden
*6:10* nice Marth sound
AtlasMinecraft 15 timer siden
0:14 When the 8-bit art of midwest Manhattan is so detailed you can point out where you fucking live:
Dodogama fangirl
Dodogama fangirl 15 timer siden
"get a a bread but not to big"
bure 15 timer siden
The vid from August 1 2020 now it's August 1 2021 talk about coincidence.
The S10 Kid
The S10 Kid 15 timer siden
I had another plug n' play that had lawn purge. I actually liked it.
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon 15 timer siden
2:41 I had that one as a kid, I still love it dearly, I promise you it’s really good
JudgeDread 15 timer siden
Woah now Jon your gonna spoil us 3 posts in 3 months!
Salvador Lampreia
Salvador Lampreia 15 timer siden
I'm watching this now that this masterpiece in on NSO
John Smith
John Smith 16 timer siden
The rainbow apple logo works well today
L3 K0
L3 K0 16 timer siden
John and his scoped nail clippers are the reason why mundane items are forbidden on planes. He never misses!!
Ransell666 16 timer siden
i guess this is where rick and morty's writers gets that talking cat episode idea from
LukeMaster12 [ITA]
LukeMaster12 [ITA] 16 timer siden
Ah, VRChat... What a beautiful game...
BreezingBy 16 timer siden
I wish Jon would make more reviews like this nowadays
Vincent aka tickle
Vincent aka tickle 16 timer siden
It’s like Christmas when Jon uploads...only comes once a year
HydroReptile 16 timer siden
16:20 can we please talk about how adorable this sweet old lady is
Völundr Frey
Völundr Frey 17 timer siden
Vanilla ice is the arts project parody of eminem.
Ambassador Craftings
Ambassador Craftings 17 timer siden
You are hilarious man. First time ive laughed so hard in awhile. Thanks.
Stealth Boy
Stealth Boy 17 timer siden
8:47 actually fucking startled me 😂
Reece Evans
Reece Evans 17 timer siden
I saw a warpath add, and u know what I’m talking abt… u sell out 😂
kewl Boi
kewl Boi 17 timer siden
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