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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer - Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Junior Editor - Lewis Bown


Narrator - Lewis Bown


JonTron Remix by Tom Ryan
( soundcloud.com/tomrmusic )



28. nov.. 2019





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Nick Widmer
Nick Widmer 5 timer siden
Jamestown colonists settled 3 miles east from the freshwater the river was briney at their colony and as a result almost all the settlers died just like Jonestown except there were less rapist cult type leaders leading their follower to death wait no it was the same 350 years apart
Crazy Ian Anderson
Crazy Ian Anderson 20 timer siden
I learned about Jamestown and the Vikings being the first Europeans to discover America when I was in 8th Grade.
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff Dag siden
That native American remix at 7:44 is a bop, if someone knows the real tracks name please tell me x
Mr_H 5 dager siden
Hey JonTron, while some things in the bible may seem to be a, "stretch" for you, there's plenty of real world events that happen within in that we can actually, _prove._ So don't go around saying it's fake. That's just rude and a misnomer. Anyway, believe what you like, but don't be disrespectful.
Melony Robinson
Melony Robinson 5 dager siden
"We don't learn about Jamestown" The DBQ I did in elementary school would like to disagree with you
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 6 dager siden
Ah, The Separatists, They're the ones who caused the droid invasion.
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 6 dager siden
Well, James Town was established during the story of Pocahontas.
W4TT5 8 dager siden
Actually ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. People who lived in Asia back when landbridge and crossed it into north America during ice age and honestly they were just following animals.
George Szweden
George Szweden 10 dager siden
so in short, pilgrims were radical and gnarly
Sam Rob
Sam Rob 10 dager siden
6:08 man that killed me haha
JustShay 12 dager siden
6k pilgrims hate this video.
Marci Schneider
Marci Schneider 13 dager siden
Weston Talley
Weston Talley 13 dager siden
Is all this real or is this a joke
GumySloth 13 dager siden
We learn about Jamestown now, thanks for your hard work
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 15 dager siden
I refuse to fall victim to the raid mob
Mr. Otter
Mr. Otter 16 dager siden
National treasure 3: the theft of Plymouth rock
Brent Schellekens
Brent Schellekens 16 dager siden
The rock that represents freedom and pilgrimage is behind bars..... AMERICA, F&CK YEAH !!!
Lelz Guy21
Lelz Guy21 17 dager siden
I love seeing videos from my favourite NOsectionsrs talking about the pilgrims not because I’m American but because I’m from Plymouth where they came from 😂
JB0N3S_007 20 dager siden
Bro you would be a better social studies teacher than mine
Peppermint Nightmare
Peppermint Nightmare 20 dager siden
9:54 Was that a Rolling Rock reference? Lmao
eyress 21 dag siden
I learned about Jamestown bc I live decently close, we took a trip in fifth grade. I figured they taught everyone about it but I guess it was a proximity thing lol
Jacob Gardiepy
Jacob Gardiepy 23 dager siden
I get it, everyone fucks up, but the reason they were called "Separatists" is because the Roman Catholic church were burning people at the stake, and they wanted to get out of their skewed religious view. They were viewed as punks for praising Jesus and God instead of Mary, and they wanted out of all the BS. Yes, killing off all the indians was surely not God's way, but look at us now, it seems like we've accomplished everything they set out to do, the US is free af anymore. I love JonTron, this all just seems disrespectful, none of us would be here if it weren't for the pilgrims
Jacob Gardiepy
Jacob Gardiepy 23 dager siden
Also Jamestown was like the first thing I learned about the pilgrims, was taught that like in 6th grade
Cameron Tipton
Cameron Tipton 24 dager siden
We learned about Jamestown in school and the fact that they where the first to settle in America
Gabriella Cortez
Gabriella Cortez 24 dager siden
It wasn’t Coolaid it was actually Flavor Aid lol damn Jim Jones was too cheap to get the good stuff 😂
jgould30 25 dager siden
You didn't learn about Jamestown? Where the heck did you go to school? That's sad.
The Rat King
The Rat King 20 dager siden
@MrSpartan993 that last part was because we didnt know about the Vikings yet
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well in the 90’s they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
Rollers 26 dager siden
LeoGio 26 dager siden
I know about Jamestown and boy was it a shit show. Disease, everyone died, died again after the resupply ship came (or smth), crappy land, but long story short it was a mess.
TheCosplayhouse 27 dager siden
viking discoverd america long before these times XD
Sam van Leeuwen
Sam van Leeuwen 27 dager siden
jontron why must you bully us -Dutchman
rudy nosa
rudy nosa 27 dager siden
That first pick was probably backwards. The native shared their food with the dirty pilgrims
Penny Cat
Penny Cat 28 dager siden
apparently, when the puritans came to America they didn't even think to bring food
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
They were dumb. Could have at LEAST brought some jerky or sated or pickled foods across the long voyage.
Gabriel Cancinos
Gabriel Cancinos 29 dager siden
9:04 Plymouth Pebble
Gabriel Cancinos
Gabriel Cancinos 29 dager siden
So they preferred to go live in the middle of fucking nowhere than living in the Netherlands... Fair enough
Michiel Adriaansens
Michiel Adriaansens 29 dager siden
I enjoy the ice. my arms are strong
Morgan Penny
Morgan Penny 29 dager siden
Doesn’t washing Plymouth Rock accelerate erosion?
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Slowly but technically yes.
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Måned siden
King James I: "I will not let this -Republic- kingdom which has stood for a thousand years be split in two!!"
D0S81 Måned siden
they ecsaped religious persecution so they could persecute those that didnt follow their religion....hm.
razz matazz
razz matazz Måned siden
It free 👍🏾
Jack Manucy
Jack Manucy Måned siden
Is their such thing as the Dutch Mafia
Drew G
Drew G Måned siden
Kool-aid is great, fuck you! LOL
Rainkit Måned siden
You know, I was shocked to read in a book about how quickly they turned on the native Americans after being taught all that shit and the natives giving them free land to live on. But now knowing that they were like that in Holland, it makes a lot more sense.
Marshmello Gabby
Marshmello Gabby Måned siden
As someone from Massachusetts, that's all we all feel about Plymouth Rock. It's just a rock.
Matt LR
Matt LR Måned siden
They drank Flavor Aid at Jonestown, not Kool Aid.
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Too cheep you even buy the name brand shit
AjU 13
AjU 13 Måned siden
Bruh I really want him to be my brother so that I can gain knowledge through humour, wth, he is soo awesomeee 🔥
Christoff Måned siden
What an ending. True jontron fashion
Janski Måned siden
How many fucking ads you got in a single video, Jon?!
zaao Hound
zaao Hound Måned siden
I kearned nothing xD
SirWaffles VIII
SirWaffles VIII Måned siden
But we do learn about Jamestown Jon. We do. We did learn they were called separatists John. We did. The separatists were not cultists by any stretch of the imagination. They were cultists if you consider different branches of a church cults. Like if you considered the smaller form of Islamist Shia I think a cult of the bigger one.
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well in the 90’s on the west coast public schools they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
Fatfishwen Måned siden
A country founded by a bunch of separatist/extremists/cult members/xenophobists, who survived with the help of native people that they later slaughtered to claim their land. And the people of this country now, after betrayed their home country in Europe, sincerely believe THEY are the chosen ones by a being called "god" and all other people are just some creatures that should serve their agenda. That explains A LOT.
Jeyra_N Måned siden
Nice history class. except that you can actually also search about Genesis in the Bible. Looks like you could be a history teacher
Fuck your imaginary gender, and your pronouns
Yeah, I do know about raid shadow legends. I also know that it's fucking garbage
The Rat King
The Rat King 20 dager siden
Honestly it's not that bad. Pretty fun game
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Brook Mellon
Brook Mellon Måned siden
why did squanto sound like a Cali boy? 😂
Ason X
Ason X Måned siden
lets get more of these
George Grund
George Grund Måned siden
More history vids
Aumann04 Måned siden
6:11 I don't know if it's a coincidence but Leiden literally translates into German as "suffering"
lyravega Måned siden
Oh wow, thank you for not saying "ok google" =)
Coffee Cartoons
Coffee Cartoons Måned siden
America...? Ireland here, you ok?
papa storm
papa storm Måned siden
Bro this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen
IGM186 Måned siden
You leave Kool Aid out of this, Jim used Flavor Aid.
Falc1NL Måned siden
Leiden gang! I'm from here! :D
tuberoftheyou Måned siden
Hands down the best JonTron video ever produced
Mr. Sub
Mr. Sub Måned siden
If I ever become a kindergarten teacher or 1st grade teacher. I’m gonna have to edit this video to censor the curse words, but I’m definitely gonna show them this rather than teaching them lies.
kindacircle Måned siden
Every star Wars fan: NOOO NOT THE SEPARATISTS!
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos Måned siden
China says Tianaman square didnt happen, Americans say the natives taught the pilgrims how to grow corn. Its impossible not to be raised and indoctrinated with state based propaganda
Keelahbutts Måned siden
Fun fact: lots of people throw money at the rock for some reason. I grew up there and we used to climb down at night and take the money. We bought milkshakes because we were children.
Omar López
Omar López Måned siden
I'd say spending it on milkshakes is still a far better investment than throwing money on a rock.
Tyrick Alexandre
Tyrick Alexandre Måned siden
I’m pretty sure nobody cares enough to steal it
The Louster
The Louster Måned siden
This really explains America a lot.
The Louster
The Louster 20 dager siden
@MrSpartan993 No, the current version also. Have you even heard of evangelicals and how frighteningly widespread they are?
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
The earliest version anyway when the demographic wasn’t diverse and mostly British colonials.
Final Froggit Approaches
My Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was the Director of the first Dutch colony of New Netherland back in 1638. He sort of founded New York. Although, he wasn’t.. A good leader. Like, at all. Grampa Willem didn’t really, uh, vibe with the natives a whole ton. But hey, there’s a war with my family name in the title, so that’s.. cool? Less cool when you know he was chopping up babies while the parents were forced to watch, but, you know.. Okay, I’ve never actually written it out before, and reading this back has really made being a descendant of Ol’ Willem less of a thing to brag about. Luckily, he died in a boat crash on the way back to The Netherlands, and the guy who took over did a much less shitty job running the colony. The more you know, I guess?
Phoebe Something
Phoebe Something Måned siden
Kudos to you for being brave enough to share. Be proud that you're not continuing the bloody legacy.
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
is this like.. celebrating genocide?
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
The video? No. The holiday? …a little bit.
Trash Bandit
Trash Bandit Måned siden
The pilgrims were isis before isis🤣🤣🤣
ultimateninjaboi Måned siden
So the pilgrims were already doing the "religious freedom," bullshit, even back in the day. Are we surprised theyre the ones we learn about?
Sam B
Sam B Måned siden
Fun fact it used to be a huge rock but people kept chipping pieces off to take home so they had to build a jail around it
Waldo P Schmeer
Waldo P Schmeer Måned siden
I never understood this argument. Yes, the pilgrims didn’t discover America or were the first here. But not to defend pilgrims: they played by the same rules as every other culture/tribe/nomad/whoever played by. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how different “Native American” tribes offed each other to take land. Because they happened. So no, all of them weren’t just sitting here peacefully on newly discovered land. The taking of land has been happening since the beginning of time. Why is it that the origin of America always has to take its licks? What about how quite literally any other country’s origin is the same exact thing.
OlafttheGreat1998 Måned siden
This is on par with Markiplier's "History of America 101"
Fresh Adventures
Fresh Adventures Måned siden
I don't know where Jon Tron went to school, but mines definitely taught about Jamestown, VA.
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well in the 90’s on the west coast public schools they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
Verme Muleque Loco
Verme Muleque Loco Måned siden
Shadow30??? Måned siden
I learned about Jamestown
Wary of Extremes
Wary of Extremes Måned siden
Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, which is why Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier than American Thanksgiving...the harvest is earlier. Lots of cultures have harvest festivals.
Daniel Lein
Daniel Lein Måned siden
More Jon tron history vids plz
17RaysPlays Måned siden
You didn't learn about Jamestown?
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well in the 90’s on the west coast public schools they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
ADHD Bandit
ADHD Bandit Måned siden
Y’all didn’t learn about James town?? I guess because I live in VA and we’re close to it but still that was pretty important to just skip?
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well in the 90’s on the west coast public schools they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
Ol' Dirty Guru
Ol' Dirty Guru Måned siden
I appreciate he doesn't say hey Google in the vid
Junior Nxumalo
Junior Nxumalo Måned siden
Is Raid free? yes, but also no
junsui100% Måned siden
2:41 why is he standing in a german school
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well why AREN’T you?
RandomJolteon Måned siden
Hey uh, the reason no one talks about Jamestown is because it became a cannibalistic zombie hellhole.
Phoebe Something
Phoebe Something 21 dag siden
@MrSpartan993 The zombies are metaphorical but the rest is totally true.
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
It did what now?!
Phoebe Something
Phoebe Something Måned siden
My teacher showed us the History channel Jamestown doc in school, and we all loved it for that very reason.
Silver Måned siden
Someone comment when their history teacher uses this video.
The settlers did come and fuck shit up over here seems like you should take it up with the queen, take that shit to her doorstep... Cancel the queen and her entire monarchy
RedMD Måned siden
This video is kinda exaggerating. They were called "Seperatists" because they were separated from the Church of England not that they wanted a revolt. The Puritans were also "Separatists" and the only real difference between them and the Pilgrims were that the Pilgrims followed the specific teachings of Robert Browne, hence them calling themselves "Brownists".
geographyRyan YT
geographyRyan YT Måned siden
7:40 "Some of you may know him as *Sasquatch,* but you're wrong." -JonTron
PureSilverFox Måned siden
8:15 See, my question is who tf cares about what corn you get. This lady's like "Oh this one has 3 more corn... pieces than this one and is 3 shades of yellow lighter" while the guy is pointing out "Yes, but the lighter shade means it's sweeter" Just grab one and eat, you apes! Thanksgiving isn't about studying food, it's about eating it!
Will O
Will O Måned siden
Jonathan Tronathan: Bad teacher *Awesome college professor*
ModernOddity Måned siden
Jon why would you dress up for the intro just to wear a beanie and t shirt and shit for the green screen footage? Lmao
Gucci Bandaid Man
Gucci Bandaid Man Måned siden
I can see Plymouth rock if I go for a 15 min walk
Nate Liebaert
Nate Liebaert Måned siden
it was Flavor-Aid not Kool-Aid
BloodyPlebs Måned siden
Everyone learns about Jamestown.
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
They sure didn’t used to. in the 90’s on the west coast public schools they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
Christopher Terzakos
I'm going to steal the rock
J.S. MacDirty
J.S. MacDirty Måned siden
If your school is teaching you that America was founded by the pilgrims you need to find a different school I went to a shitty public school in the middle of Kentucky and even we were told about Jamestown.
MrSpartan993 21 dag siden
Well in the 90’s on the west coast public schools they sure didn’t teach us this shit. They also still said Columbus was the first guy to discover America.
Robert Han
Robert Han Måned siden
Fun fact, Virginia got its name because the queen of England at the time was a virgin.... I'm not kidding
Robert Han
Robert Han Måned siden
I had no idea what you were talking about until you brought up jamestown. I live in Virginia and they taught us about jamestown in like third grade. Those settlers were so smart that they didn't know the water they were drinking from was contaminated, because they were mostly surrounded by salt water, and it was also where animals would pee and poop. Basically a lot went wrong while they were there so they moved west to make the new capital of Virginia. Aka Williamsburg
Very Questionable
Very Questionable Måned siden
1:51 yo I got a shout out, yeah I remember that voyage, Tim Allen was there
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