Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console - JonTron 

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Jon Jafari - Himself
Magical Living SouljaGame - Sergio Emilio Torres
I'm tired - Yes I am


Jon Jafari - Director/Lead Editor
Mike Shayne - Director of Cinematography/Post Production
Andrew Reynoso - Editor/Production
Melanie Licata - Costume/Prop Designer
Sergio Emilio Torres - Production



18. des.. 2018





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Kommentarer 32 632   
DodgyDog 08
DodgyDog 08 2 dager siden
dude I'm pulling an all nighter and you scared the crap outta me
DemonGod666 2 dager siden
Just walk in the store with the pants and the receipt
Charlie Sheldon
Charlie Sheldon 2 dager siden
I bought one too for the memes... I never got it. I was genuily sad though
Fuzion Tony Gaming
Fuzion Tony Gaming 3 dager siden
Soulja is now pump n dumping scam Cryptos
Tyler Bonn
Tyler Bonn 3 dager siden
Did your Souljaboy ever show up?
Toybox_blue 3 dager siden
But what about the souljondom
Eric Muniz
Eric Muniz 4 dager siden
Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?
tristan 123455
tristan 123455 4 dager siden
Those headphone to RCA jacks were common on portable DVD players
danger zone
danger zone 6 dager siden
If anyone else is stuck in that situation at the beginning of the video you can take a magnet and put it on the top part of the theft tag where the ridge is and then you can just take it off.
Rollin ‘
Rollin ‘ 7 dager siden
I’m gonna need the update to this video asap on that Soulja game 2
Kyren Karuza
Kyren Karuza 7 dager siden
Souljaboy released another gaming console thing, I'm guessing its bad
smx_wolff 8 dager siden
“Nintendo just don’t want a black man making money” Dude there Nintendo of America CEO is black…
smx_wolff 2 dager siden
@Cpt Obvious1994 I meant Reggie
Cpt Obvious1994
Cpt Obvious1994 2 dager siden
Doug Bowser is definitely not black.
papiyankee11 8 dager siden
2:25 Me, who paid $660 for a 2060 during one of the worst tech shortages in the 21st century: *Sweats intensely*
J Cruz
J Cruz 10 dager siden
The lock picking lawyer could've saved u a trip back to the store to get that explodey ink thing off ur pants, i mean the guy will litterally teach u how to break in the store, bypass security & steal those pants! For Ed. Purposes of course😅
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 11 dager siden
Looks like Nintendo came knocking for a autograph
TheBaddestLarry 13 dager siden
That sweatshirt is fucking epic lol
Doodooguy 13 dager siden
Selling is one Nintendo game on a bootleg console is WAY more illegal then starting a nuclear war
SCP-6440 14 dager siden
Imagine if Soulja Boy made Denmark
Knoddy From Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure
Soulja: I’m just a kid with a dream Also Soulja: 30
David mccann
David mccann 18 dager siden
Soulja boy should definitely be sued
TheBubbleBowel 19 dager siden
"I've seen celebrity scams before" Flash forward to goop
Midknightoker 21 dag siden
freeze the security device, bought a rick and Morty hat, same problem. one pair up snips later all gravy no explode. yes, i realize its 3 years late. no, i do not care.
redakdal 21 dag siden
is soulja even collabing officially with rick and morty, or is he just saying that because they retweeted a tweet of his once?
Kenji the shinobi
Kenji the shinobi 21 dag siden
“In this word you either crank that Soulja boy, or it cranks you.” - Soulja Boy (Drako)
Ethan Cooper
Ethan Cooper 21 dag siden
The Legend of Zelda: Soulja'd Sword Remastered
Alexandru Dragomir
Alexandru Dragomir 21 dag siden
It’s written “etc” (et cetera) not “ect”.
CowyC 22 dager siden
You've got to love seeing jontron ranting, its awesome
ProjectShocase 25 dager siden
I made my bi monthly pilgrimage to older vids..life is tolerable
Jackk Reacherr
Jackk Reacherr 26 dager siden
Why is soulja even still alive. damn
wildsmiley 26 dager siden
Ect. Um...Ectetera?
Saman kucher
Saman kucher 26 dager siden
felix is gaming
felix is gaming 26 dager siden
a rapper with skills (i mean jontron not soljia boy)
MacGyverGuy 27 dager siden
Its amazing that this video is almost two years old and that Soulja Boy actually did this without hesitation.
furydeath 27 dager siden
but did we ever get an update on the pants
Nycro adventures
Nycro adventures 28 dager siden
Jontron, the legend, the rapper!
Damian 1989
Damian 1989 29 dager siden
*I wonder if the white pants anecdote had a happy ending*
bebop 2001
bebop 2001 29 dager siden
Just realized the natty light sweater
John Towner
John Towner Måned siden
Soulja boy mini is clear plastic so that it can be sold to the prison population in North America, and other countries were clear plastic cased electronics are allowed in prisons.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Måned siden
I actually got an ad for the Nintendo Switch on this video and the irony is killing me
Raven Cyanide
Raven Cyanide Måned siden
When Soldjaboy is actually Soldjaman by now but still acts like a spoiled 15 y/o. Have fun in a federal jail cell, Soldjamoron.
And I Oop
And I Oop Måned siden
Game speed 1:1 output.. Meaning it runs..
First Last
First Last Måned siden
lol, is his profile picture of him caressing bricks of cash? That's not a great look when you're selling bootleg products.
rudy nosa
rudy nosa Måned siden
A natural light sweater!
Poul Danvad
Poul Danvad Måned siden
All hail the Lord of denmark JonTron!
Rootrick Måned siden
For everyone wanting the ending music, it's The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets) from Deus Ex. Cheers! 🍺😉
fernando martinez
fernando martinez Måned siden
Yes fuck Soulja boy
Henrik L
Henrik L Måned siden
That math tho! Slashing that 700$ gtx by half all the way to 450$!!!
Ben Tromiczak
Ben Tromiczak Måned siden
I mean, he was teh first person to ever make a gaming consule so I don't know what Jon is talking about that he's "stealing" ideas.
Kid Kritic
Kid Kritic Måned siden
@Ben Tromiczak Well thanks for informing me lol. Legitimately wasn't expecting hitting that milestone today.
Ben Tromiczak
Ben Tromiczak Måned siden
@Kid Kritic Nevermind dude, just saw you have 300 subs so I will stop. You’re right
Kid Kritic
Kid Kritic Måned siden
@Ben Tromiczak I don't watch soulja boy shit lol, the dude just is missing, oh, idk, talent. Therefore, I have no interest in anything soulja boy related.
Ben Tromiczak
Ben Tromiczak Måned siden
@Kid Kritic Have you not seen THE memes and jokes about Soulja Boy and how he said that he “created” the rap game. And because of that, people are making fun of him saying that he created “everything”. It’s just a joke and if you think that I actually meant this that YOU don’t “belong” in this comment section
Kid Kritic
Kid Kritic Måned siden
If you can't even spell "The" right, you shouldn't have a placement in this comment section, especially when trollishly supporting Soulja Boy lol
John Wesley
John Wesley Måned siden
No ones gonna mention that's a dope natty light sweater
[REDACTED] Måned siden
Amedot Universe
Amedot Universe Måned siden
He's trying so hard to not laugh XD
Holger Bienek
Holger Bienek Måned siden
Every time i watch this i am dissapointed at 4:03 that he didn't say "solder boy"
foad666x Måned siden
was the event included all white and a fire? cracked it
Cody Tedrow
Cody Tedrow Måned siden
I would love an update video
Klashinov Måned siden
I feel like Danish people don't thank Jon enough for making them
keru storme
keru storme Måned siden
The eight sunday noticeably start because sentence substantially license qua a hollow air. silent, awake anthony
MN_Twisted Måned siden
Not gonna lie that natural ice Christmas sweater is something I would wear
LVBBoi Måned siden
It looks nice af
Luke_corp. TV
Luke_corp. TV Måned siden
Use a strong magnet on the tag
MrFishSticks Måned siden
There is so much production in jontrons videos it’s fucking amazing
Solaire With an M9A1
I have a non Soulja boy mini that I bought at Walmart for $15.
James Braxton
James Braxton Måned siden
JonTron's remix of Soulja Boy actually slaps more than the original.
Stop motion Hub
Stop motion Hub Måned siden
Pro tip: if your shitting watch John Tron. He’ll make you laugh so much the shot will come out due to your laughter
papiyankee11 Måned siden
2:24 that one didn't age so well...
Alex Lindsey
Alex Lindsey Måned siden
i love jon love Denmark ;)
Anomaly Ashe
Anomaly Ashe Måned siden
0:14 After coming back to watch all this man's videos in chronological order due to him blessing us with two videos in relatively quick (In JonTron days-) time? I still find it absolutely wholesome John uses manual emoticons such as ">_>".
TrashBoat Måned siden
Finally found out JonTron sounds like an even more sarcastic Max Kellerman
Knight Light Media
Knight Light Media Måned siden
Rerez did amazing hilarious vids on his consoles... yes... plural.
Paul Tovar
Paul Tovar Måned siden
Soulja did it first
spik pootarb
spik pootarb Måned siden
he doesn't even look chinese......
AyosDesignz Måned siden
Anyone know if he ever got that console or a refund tho???
Ghost Hawk
Ghost Hawk Måned siden
Jontron: I have to go to Florida Also Jontron: (breathes fire) Oh, I think just saying that burned my mouth a little bit.
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Måned siden
The kind possibility baly gather because hardware italy influence forenenst a nifty castanet. stupendous, hideous high lotion
Funny Jerry
Funny Jerry Måned siden
Seeing Nintendo take down this guy makes me happy. You don’t steal from Nintendo (or anyone)!
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Måned siden
Aye another console for Skyrim to get released on
Colin GZ Network Plus
But does it run Smash Ultimate though?
TBoucher Måned siden
*hand rope hole*
VinVulpis Måned siden
I feel like this video needs a follow up. After all the trouble he got into, he's doing it again. Hahah.
O.G_SCR3W Måned siden
imagine jon receive sponsor ship on soulja boy him self
O.G_SCR3W Måned siden
spare me my life :
Gilbert Valdez
Gilbert Valdez Måned siden
What abuncha Hatas
Harley Speedthrust
Harley Speedthrust Måned siden
I thought I heard Deus Ex music at the end! I love that game and its music
jesse vollmar
jesse vollmar Måned siden
SouLjA bOuououoioy has always been a great dream chasing gamer and they don’t have any other one is Soulja buioyyyy I’m a BAANNAANNAAAA🍌 POLDGBHJNMDGREAQL IS THE BANANA PUDDING READY 🍌
jesse vollmar
jesse vollmar Måned siden
jesse vollmar
jesse vollmar Måned siden
jesse vollmar
jesse vollmar Måned siden
Jon this time of it Jontron is life
brotherbells Måned siden
Haven't got a ps5 since they neglected to include a hand rope hole.
jace carver
jace carver Måned siden
Can remove those tags if there left on with any magnet
Paulo Roberto
Paulo Roberto Måned siden
RTX 2070 for 700Dollars ohhh good old times 2:23
Genaro Scala
Genaro Scala Måned siden
I know it's 2 years later but pretty sure all you need for one of those packs is a magnet
Odious One
Odious One Måned siden
How much of this ILL-ADVISED, severely ILLEGAL Soulja-Venture, do you think was inspired by his stupid BRINK game video?
Stalins Boiled PP
Stalins Boiled PP Måned siden
I have been a proud owner of a Soulja Game for almost a year and a half, no disappointments so far
Mr Squirrel
Mr Squirrel Måned siden
Soulja Boy console VS KFC console
Toothpaste Måned siden
"half the horse power of the super nintendo" so... a nes
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Måned siden
1:07 "Soulja Boy's got 800 on his! And probably half of them are YOURS!!" OHMIGOD, I LAUGHED SO HARD
Dionysus, The Ace Son
All these prices are all already at discount? Were they even released at their “original prices”? Given this shady business practices, probably not. But yeah, giving a fake sale for a price that never was to create a sense of urgency is illegal.
WindowsSu Måned siden
9:38 when he said secure he sounded like engineer from tf2
Wii play Games
Wii play Games Måned siden
4:21 I always thought for months that he said a couple legs and I am only now realizing that he said a couple eggs.
Anarki471 2 måneder siden
His "Souljawatch" website sells and reviews/blogs about watches now.... and only watches My guess is that Nintendo sent him a polite notice to "Pack that shit in or we will sue you into non existence"
Nicholas crew
Nicholas crew 2 måneder siden
Back when a 2070 was only $700
MsAMVMaker 2 måneder siden
I wonder how he managed to get away with this. Legally, I mean.