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Director, Writer - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography, Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer, Camera Operator - Michael Shayne
Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Sound - Matt Bunker
Assistant Editor - Lewis Bown



"Ride Along Car Supplier"

"Go Kart Facility"

"Short Track Location"




13. nov.. 2019





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Kommentarer 11 482   
Stealth Boy
Stealth Boy 16 timer siden
8:47 actually fucking startled me 😂
Jonathan Jollimore
Watch those left hand turns man I mean yea left hand turns...
Minecraft Person
Minecraft Person 6 dager siden
I live there and i didnt know there was a race track
Fiona Bull
Fiona Bull 7 dager siden
Really nice of Jon to take people to see the dead fish I’ve been waiting years to see that bad boy…
Richard Savings
Richard Savings 10 dager siden
If Jon was one of the hosts of Top Gear USA, it would have been fantastic.
WestupT 14 dager siden
When Garret asked: 1:02 Я почувствовал это
Frogger 16 dager siden
Nobody seems to be able to stand Jon lmao.
Mabry Plays
Mabry Plays 18 dager siden
"better than you" lol my idle's motto
Everton Korbes
Everton Korbes 18 dager siden
O Just loved the part when he turned to the left with the car
Clang Motorsports
Clang Motorsports 20 dager siden
I just now realized I have a better time at go pro motorplex than a frickin nascar driver
Zer0Skateboard 24 dager siden
The excessive and yet subtle Daytona USA references genuinely bring a smile to my face.
Pringles Original
Pringles Original 26 dager siden
All I got from this video is that Cars was way more accurate than I thought
Hopper 26 dager siden
That go kart course must of been tough for garrett, saw a few right turns in there
Hopper 26 dager siden
Nascar is gay
James Levy
James Levy 27 dager siden
“Racecars do e need headlights because the track is always LIT”
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 28 dager siden
this guy sucks
T B 28 dager siden
Garret’s a couple wheels short of a tricycle
MONSEF MA 28 dager siden
i hope he still still the first driver in his team
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 29 dager siden
LiNE 99
LiNE 99 29 dager siden
jontron: its 100 degrees **fire noises** me who lives in iraq with 125 Fْ : its cold in here
Bob Costas
Bob Costas Måned siden
Need more jontron having fun videos
Turtle Måned siden
“Sir this is not a gulag, this is a racetrack, here car go zoom zoom”
Captain_Croqueta777 Måned siden
Jon vs Mike Tyson is something I would like to see
Mouad Z.
Mouad Z. Måned siden
This should definiitely be a youtube series. The idea is not exactly original but jon's style and the editing makes it so much better than what we already have on youtube
DutchDragon24 Måned siden
over 120 starts and over 70 wins Me: confused W/L ratio noises
Nicholas Silvidi
Nicholas Silvidi Måned siden
TIL Jon doesn’t know the difference between a gulag and a race track
Guru Måned siden
Why does it disappoint me that this Nascar driver doesn't know what a Gulag is? Like, I'm not surprised that he doesn't know, but I'm disappointed nonetheless.
Nadaję z piwnicy
Nadaję z piwnicy Måned siden
I love when ordinary people confront Jon and his antics. They always look as if they are seriously considering whether this guy has broken off from another planet.
ᗰETᗩᒪGOTᕼᑭᑌᑎK( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ᑎOIᔕEGᖇIᑎᗪᑕOᖇEᑭᒪᗩYᒪIᔕTᔕ
is that man trans? f t m? i really hope so she looks like such a keeper
natedcarr614 Måned siden
8:42 LOL! I actually jumped at that part!
Alex Langnese
Alex Langnese Måned siden
"I drive for the monster cup series and-"(ig he said thr) Earbuds: BaTtErY lOw
24Lucky gaming
24Lucky gaming Måned siden
I was at lake Norman last week
bob bob
bob bob Måned siden
Race cars don’t need headlights because the track is always lit. - Lightning McQueen
Tester 316278
Tester 316278 Måned siden
Shake and bake... shake and bake.
TyTeph Måned siden
I thought he was going to do a Mario kart 64 challenge with Garrett 😂
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf Måned siden
He can’t feel the car in the vr race thats so interesting
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf Måned siden
“Whats the weather gonna be like next week garet?” “Faster then you!”
Sam Nestor
Sam Nestor Måned siden
JonTron explaining a Gulag to a NASCAR driver is exactly what I needed at midnight
Jimmy Måned siden
Didn't know the gay dude from Nsync was a NASCAR driver.
Bruul619 Måned siden
I can turn left too!
charles huber
charles huber Måned siden
I’m sorry jontron but even if he wasn’t a pro he’d still win.
Funny Jerry
Funny Jerry Måned siden
Why does John remind me of Ruff Ruffman?
Cheese Farmer
Cheese Farmer Måned siden
he kinda reminds me of Elon Musk with blonde hair
Xavian Marchetti
Xavian Marchetti Måned siden
I live 20 minutes from the Hickory NC, speedway. Seen a couple of the races before, not a real fan of NASCAR. I'm actually surprised that this was shot just a year ago. Dang! Missed my chance to catch ya Jon
Breakbeat Måned siden
HA, that Virtual Boy transition. I remember they had one set up at the local Target when I was a kid, who knows how many people used that before I did without cleaning it off.
The Big Bean
The Big Bean Måned siden
I got 120 on back roads lmao
Poohbear01x Måned siden
I wish NASCAR had Heels and Babyfaces like Wrestling does. Dude would be a face for sure.
Micheal Cera really going in on JonTron
Jack Westman
Jack Westman Måned siden
Spread the gospel,Amen
Babooshla Måned siden
just imagine using turn signals in NASCAR. i feel like it would be the ultimate taunt.
Taggen 27
Taggen 27 Måned siden
12:10 Nah, that's just the entirety of Norway
Eric Comeaux
Eric Comeaux Måned siden
Not a single the track is always lit?
sure _
sure _ Måned siden
legit though Jon Tron almost died for a second when the photoshopped semi-truck came on screen. pls fucking kill me i'm so stuipd.
str8 smokin
str8 smokin Måned siden
Lol and you got more makeup on then any chick I know
Super Cool
Super Cool Måned siden
You didnt go that fast
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies 2 måneder siden
For a second that fake semi hitting him scared me.
michul 2 måneder siden
8:39 for a second I actually thought that truck was real
kyle wright-kralidis
kyle wright-kralidis 2 måneder siden
On the go cart track jon looked like he was driving to work on a monday
FAZE POOL Gamez&more
FAZE POOL Gamez&more 2 måneder siden
Garrett: is easy John: Garrett shut up
Sean McKenna
Sean McKenna 2 måneder siden
Garret Smithley is a power bottom.
Cyberlivion 2 måneder siden
It’s gonna be Barack next time.
Abygail Dood
Abygail Dood 2 måneder siden
Drive a f1 car
Abygail Dood
Abygail Dood 2 måneder siden
Pink Experience
Pink Experience 2 måneder siden
I was never a fan of nascar but damn this definitely makes me get a bit of appreciation for them. It looks tough and seeing how easy it culd become a crash is pretty crazy. Also Garrett seems pretty chill.
Frogger 8 dager siden
"I appreciate Nascar now, still not a fan though."
Dudits Grey
Dudits Grey 2 måneder siden
Dude or a girl can't tell
BennetProductions 2 måneder siden
Has he never seen Cars? " Race Cars don't need headlights, because the track is always lit" - Lightning McQueen
bray bray
bray bray 2 måneder siden
Johnny Torpedo
Johnny Torpedo 2 måneder siden
We all need to take a moment to appreciate that amazingly perfect stop Garret did on the go-kart.
Nolan Hall
Nolan Hall 2 måneder siden
I saw a jj yeley 18 wheeler go by my house so yes he is on night watch
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 måneder siden
I do not get it about you Americans and nascar it is just a bunch of people turning left 100 times
Conservative Calvinist
Conservative Calvinist 2 måneder siden
Bah, 100mph is nothing. My dad has been 2.5 the speed of sound on multiple occasions.
Ryan Symanietz
Ryan Symanietz 2 måneder siden
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith 2 måneder siden
The truck actually scared me somehow
Chasinthecup 2 måneder siden
The funny thing is JJ Yeley and Garrett are teammates now
Grant 2 måneder siden
Haha I thought the garrett was an ad for the turbo but no it's his actual name, pretty coooo
Grant 2 måneder siden
No way he can only go 120MPH? That thing has like 600hp easy?! I've been 130+ with only ~210hp
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
I would win against garret
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
Love you both stay safe
MooseKing 2 måneder siden
and no Garret in the comments
Ronin Sanati
Ronin Sanati 2 måneder siden
NASCAR shouldn't be considered the "top echelon" of anything to be honest. It's by far, the most boring motorsport imo.
Deka7X9 2 måneder siden
This really reminds me of one of those old PBS kids shows where they’d go behind the scenes of some event, sport, factory, or something along those lines
jeff bezos 2
jeff bezos 2 2 måneder siden
Jon never seen Cars I gues
Mitchel Turner
Mitchel Turner 2 måneder siden
jon doesnt know stock cars dont have lights? like did you see the movie cars i dont even like nascar but i knew that lol
BNSF1995 2 måneder siden
Was Garrett Smithley the best you could do? He's never won a single NASCAR race, not even in the Truck Series.
Thor Magnus Sveen
Thor Magnus Sveen 2 måneder siden
Hell means luck in norwegian so u were racing with luck
Katherine Mitchell
Katherine Mitchell 2 måneder siden
Look at Garretts eyes before he was driving, then look at them while he's driving, he became a whole different person
Pumita Pumas
Pumita Pumas 2 måneder siden
0:47 Actually the Piston Cup is more important.
KINO CORNER 2 måneder siden
John was on a short track. If he was on a super speedway he would’ve pissed himself.
ImmortalGamer 2 måneder siden
"Well this is a race track" that caught me off guard
Trisxe10 2 måneder siden
Dude i wish I knew you came to Charlotte. Would be so cool if Jon came to a drift event
P S 2 måneder siden
@:100 I have replayed this scene well over 10 times
dr beandog
dr beandog 2 måneder siden
1:03 me seconds after I think a girl is comfortable talking to me
Official Showier
Official Showier 2 måneder siden
Jon killing people's brains for 30 seconds 0:57
Ickyrus 2 måneder siden
What VR game were they playing
Ryzen 2 måneder siden
2:57 this made me feel claustrophobic for some reason
Muppio 2 måneder siden
"What's a gulag?" Truly a NASCAR driver right there.
Calo Brown
Calo Brown 2 måneder siden
One thing I always liked about professionals is that out of their element they are laughing, making jokes, and generally having a great time. Once they get back into it however, even if its just for fun, they become super cereal. It tells me that they are very passionate about what they love.
Leonardo davila
Leonardo davila Måned siden
Ah yes. Very cereal
Puck 2 måneder siden
Hm. I think I prefer rally racing.
Jon Otto
Jon Otto 3 måneder siden
They really should Jon in a cup series car at like daytona or pocono
Le Le
Le Le 3 måneder siden
1:12 cartman was right
Ryan Ochoa
Ryan Ochoa 3 måneder siden
Lance bass looks younger every day.
Oliver Madison
Oliver Madison 3 måneder siden
“race cars don’t need headlights because the track is always LIT”
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