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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer- Michael Shayne
Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Makeup/Special Effects - Melanie Licata

Jon Jafari - Himself
Charlotte Claw - Herself
Sergio Torres - Himself
Mike Shayne - Himself
PSYCHIC Vampire - Shayna Conde
Psychic VAMPIRE - Nils Ekstrom


Music by Tom Ryan
( soundcloud.com/tomrmusic )



24. sep.. 2019





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Matthew Burn
Matthew Burn 3 timer siden
14:00 I've replayed this segment so many times
Y e e t
Y e e t 5 timer siden
8:09 my god, my brother actually vibrate together with you
I Speak 4 the Dead
I Speak 4 the Dead 12 timer siden
10:39 why you got just a bag of sugar sittin agains the wall in the open like that 🤔
Scooter Maxumum
Scooter Maxumum 14 timer siden
AA BOSS 19 timer siden
Jons speech is at such a level i bought all his snake crushed oil
MegaGothrocker Dag siden
"1 Ingredient! Crushed Snakes. Gotta be vitamins in there somewhere!" *IM FUCKIN DYING*
Kyle David
Kyle David Dag siden
honey is gay as hell and a worthless ripoff just like goop
Pushy Slayer
Pushy Slayer Dag siden
dude... cordyceps fungi is parasitic and dose some freakish and alien shit.. pretty sure some stains are called "Zombie fungi"
It’s Cznben
It’s Cznben Dag siden
This is some flat earth level stupidity
Gay Frogs
Gay Frogs Dag siden
Psmart 911
Psmart 911 Dag siden
9:34 that’s not what I thought a trap was but ummm sure dude (don’t look up anime trap)
Luke Preston
Luke Preston 2 dager siden
Yeah children can be very bad
KROMA 3 dager siden
It's RARE health conditions 😂
Ingemar Martin
Ingemar Martin 3 dager siden
That's why chris martin left her. She's just to dumb
Li'lBlu RidingHood
Li'lBlu RidingHood 3 dager siden
This all sounds like a bunch of bs that any stupid person and Karen would fall for.
Jayden Sonnier
Jayden Sonnier 3 dager siden
They just come in a bottle
Jayden Sonnier
Jayden Sonnier 3 dager siden
Love is a ingredient in the bottle I’m pretty sure they mean jizz
Vincent Menard
Vincent Menard 3 dager siden
10:20 10:32
ĢĺĮŤćh 3 dager siden
Children are the natural disaters 2:38
Hayden Tamato
Hayden Tamato 3 dager siden
I knew Charlotte and Jon had a good vibe they got married like a month after this vid I’m embarrassed I just realized this
A Potato That You Don't Like.
I would highly recommend her products as they have made my life much worse!
Dread 4 dager siden
Doing a snake oil demonstration across the street from a Goop store is the biggest flex humanly possible. Well done.
the fastest oof in the west
13:01 Im going to lose it, those face massagers are available at 5 below for only 4 bucks, and have been CONFIRMED to not be real stone, but plastic. Bruh
ALIEMIR DURAN 4 dager siden
Oh there’s also a product thats a rock from whales that supposedlly cures: A.İ.D’S,Blindness,Ebola,Cancer,Tetnus, Life,H.İ.V,Greed,Milleria. Oh and is also 500 dollars.
konstantin stemmermann
i got a nutmilk maker always on me..............
Dashell Hauenstein
Dashell Hauenstein 5 dager siden
Ligers lol
1withthelion 5 dager siden
I find it funny she came up with Goop in 2019, I think God just said “You know what, I’ve seen my fair share of stupid, but you take the cake. Let’s see how helpful your ‘Goop’ is next year”, I believe we owe 2020 to this lunatic and everyone like her
Lerk 6 dager siden
"wE'rE jUsT aSkInG qUeStIoNs!1!" - Every scammy fake facts business ever
Dynacycle 6 dager siden
8:51 - 9:05 goop
Mary Tijerina
Mary Tijerina 6 dager siden
How long until Gwyneth Paltrow and her followers drink the cyanide-laced Kool Aid?
What am i?
What am i? 6 dager siden
14:43 lets go denmark
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 7 dager siden
Jon: Don't curse Gweneth Train:AAAAAAA Jon: SHUT THE FUCK UP, don't curse Gweneth
Dave 7 dager siden
Bruh without her makeup she looks like she’s 70 years old I mean like LOL
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B 7 dager siden
Is this a MLM?
Flora 7 dager siden
Where can I get that snake oil he was selling? I think it might help my rare health condition.
Masterninjamt 8 dager siden
Physgun made a new product recently. It’s as dumb as you would imagine.
one very fishy boi
one very fishy boi 8 dager siden
organic free range .50 bmg ap round, helps with back pain
Peter Dabica
Peter Dabica 8 dager siden
Maheer 9 dager siden
Nobody: Me at 3am 8:58 My mom walking in on me 9:04
jesse martinson
jesse martinson 9 dager siden
Children was on the list of natural things that are bad for you 😂
MetalMario1231 9 dager siden
the sun can't be bad for y- IT'S A LITERAL BALL OF FLAMING GAS!!!
Jibba Jabba
Jibba Jabba 9 dager siden
She put two Os between her initials GooP.
Mystery LovesCompany
Mystery LovesCompany 9 dager siden
No wellness appliance should ever require a hardhat, safety glasses, & a specialised license to legally operate.
Luke Daldy-Rowe
Luke Daldy-Rowe 10 dager siden
I love in the second slide shown at 1:11 that it says: "Putting stones in your vagina, taking advice from a man who claims he can speak to ghosts". So... That man is Dan Aykroyd, yeah?
stager gamer
stager gamer 10 dager siden
3:31 lol the train is doing his job
SoftUlzzang 10 dager siden
After all this time i finally understand “goop”. Gwyneth o o Paltrow - G o o P with the two O’s I feel like a fucking idiot now
Latinosinger93 10 dager siden
Jibba Jabba
Jibba Jabba 10 dager siden
The summit is like bad PR for white people
Roelof van der Merwe
Roelof van der Merwe 10 dager siden
I can play the whole organ song that played in the start
Charlie Horse
Charlie Horse 11 dager siden
Trina Sears
Trina Sears 11 dager siden
Yes. Yes to this.
a long username for my small peen
Why waste $140 on a nut milk maker when you're already born with one.
Galvaknuckles115 11 dager siden
Literally everything on this planet is bad for you even WATER
Luca Thomas
Luca Thomas 11 dager siden
3:29 the timing tho
billy saunders
billy saunders 12 dager siden
The yummy face strikingly influence because bait minimally warm with a lopsided person. gaping, drunk chin
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 12 dager siden
10:24 The wallet slayer
Eli Gamble
Eli Gamble 12 dager siden
That chick in the red dress at 15:15 looked like she wanted to tear your head off. Must of been a goopie lmao.
SgtPunter 12 dager siden
Skyrim music good
XxConnection UserxX
XxConnection UserxX 12 dager siden
Fun fact: when Jon lists the things that can be bad for you Carbon Dioxide appears twice, oh and also children are bad for you
Chloe Dillon
Chloe Dillon 12 dager siden
.. In the list shown after "Nothing natural can be bad for you", it said platypus >.>
gameteru 12 dager siden
3:31 i'm dying lmao
Classic Memer
Classic Memer 12 dager siden
Rip little yoga ball
MMBR Creator / Knight_Toss08
Ah yes jontron is doing the pot calling the kettle black.
Big K
Big K 11 dager siden
How so?
Input Angel
Input Angel 13 dager siden
Even after all this time, we still haven't brought up the "Bulletproof Oxegen Bar!"
Just_common_stranger 13 dager siden
Well, we can’t say Jontron doesn’t put his back into the video… he lit just spend 600 bucks on a hydraulic street hammer
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 13 dager siden
Natural things that are bad for you "children" 🤣
Platinum Sphinx
Platinum Sphinx 15 dager siden
These goop products seem very reliant on the placebo affect.
Oliver Lemley
Oliver Lemley 15 dager siden
all ive taken away from this is that i can buy a nut milk maker from there and ngl i kinda want one idk what it does but i can dream
ThisPerson Isn’tFunny
To this day, Microsooft annoys me because Microsoft already has 2 O’s in it.
GamingHQ 15 dager siden
Someone can be white and african lmfao be white .. be born in africa .. Lmao
CpActivity 15 dager siden
technicly, Microsoft already has 2 Os in its Title
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 16 dager siden
4:38 steven universe rundown
Eel Gh
Eel Gh 16 dager siden
White people bruh
its ya boi chad
its ya boi chad 16 dager siden
When he screamed shit the fuck I other camera man got scared 😂
Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago
This channel puts so much effort in the videos they make its amazing
Kurt Allen
Kurt Allen 16 dager siden
One of those bad things was a platypus....bet you thought i wasn't paying attention huh
Potato Gamer5656
Potato Gamer5656 16 dager siden
Legit the -jigsaw with ducktape instead if a blade- therathingy probably is a good message lol
flummox3d 16 dager siden
The "which is the actual product" segment still gets me.
SanAndreas2628 16 dager siden
2:15 Me when Timmy Turner wishes he was drake bell:
Gonçalo G ;-;
Gonçalo G ;-; 16 dager siden
naturale things that can be bad for you :volcano ashes wirlpools children and oxigen too
ᛋᛁᛘᛅᚾ ᛒᛚᛅᚾᛏᛋᛦᛅᚱᛏ
2:29 Gwyneth Paltrow: "I don't think anything that is natural can be bad for you." Cyanide: Imma end this woman's whole life.
The doc
The doc 17 dager siden
Public cult
Ryce Gabriel Major
Ryce Gabriel Major 17 dager siden
did... did JonTron really say Microsooft when Microsoft allready has 2 o's???? guys i think the goop is getting into his brain
Aztecelotl 17 dager siden
Who else noticed Linkara in the crystal ball?
Big K
Big K 11 dager siden
Damn I never noticed that, nice catch. Is it weird I actually know what video that's from?
Benjamin Darcy
Benjamin Darcy 17 dager siden
2:36 Anyone else notice he put children on the list of things that can be bad for you?
ThisPerson Isn’tFunny
15:07 That woman face though XD
The Humen Thing
The Humen Thing 18 dager siden
2:13 is what you’re looking for, right?
Matthew gigs
Matthew gigs 18 dager siden
Can someone explain 2:05 for me I don't know enough about this guy...
Cameron Ortiz
Cameron Ortiz 18 dager siden
Capital Nexus
Capital Nexus 18 dager siden
I really hope that there were like a whole bunch of people laughing about the thing cuz they knew what being called a snake oil salesman meant
David Burrows
David Burrows 18 dager siden
Anyone that tries these products and says they work are either payed actors or subject to the placebo effect XD
Benny 18 dager siden
Ironically one of "Psychic vampire Repellents" ingredients is Pyrite, which is Nicknamed fools gold as the mineral looks like actual gold but it is not. Her products are nothing but fools gold.
Quint Van Giessen
Quint Van Giessen 19 dager siden
12:43 bruh the machine says “bulletproof oxygen bar”
Rammy Chan
Rammy Chan 19 dager siden
ok but wim hof is actually a really cool guy, I'm doing his breathing technique for relaxation and it was recommended by my psychologist for therapy, it's really good and quick!
Vic_Dumbb 19 dager siden
if she didn’t take those rocks straight from the earth and sift them herself/make the straw out of the finest of metals in her workshop, I do not want that straw.
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston 19 dager siden
2:33 corona virus
The Gospel of the fallen angels.
The psychic vampire who work for her taking advantage of wick minds and lonley old people
Will F
Will F 19 dager siden
i feel like you can turn the theragun into an actual meat tenderizer if you add the tenderizer spikes onto it, good to know.
Dan Henry
Dan Henry 19 dager siden
5:21 BACK THE FUCK UP, BEEP BEEP BEEP. Did he just say cordyceps? As in, the brain fungus that affects ants and turns them into fucking zombies ala the last of us? She's selling shit that yas THAT in it?
LeoGio 19 dager siden
10:33, local man shoves vibrator up his coworker's rear end unannounced, coworker drops expensive equipment off of a ladder.
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