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Sergio Emilio Torres - Bored Cameraman
Mike Shayne - Stressed OBSer
Andrew Reynoso - Don't Remember
Jon - Here I guess


Special thanks to Melanie Licata for custom making that Alien for us 2 years ago so we could not use it except for to throw at a fake flying saucer 2 years later thanks Mel love u



16. aug.. 2019





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Æ crocs
Æ crocs 22 timer siden
Why you haten on brutalism bruh
Nelson Piket
Nelson Piket Dag siden
I love how you humiliate all theses idiots on youtube doing the tier list trend. And the funny thing is, most people here won't even notice the sarcasm.
PsychicHedgehog1998 5 dager siden
just don’t make ugly shit
Absurd Hero
Absurd Hero 8 dager siden
SamStrane 8 dager siden
Megat 9 dager siden
Jon!! You angered me!!! You forgot the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia!
GlorbGuy 12 dager siden
This video was in my dream last night
Leon Motionless
Leon Motionless 21 dag siden
There was a lot of Sexual Tension between jon and that Alien.
초승달 21 dag siden
9:00 is easily the funniest part.
Ian 23 dager siden
unfortunately he didn't include the best building of all time the hagia sophia
Neo Jarik Belicanec
Neo Jarik Belicanec 23 dager siden
Jon is Jesus confirmed
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
Art Deco was like the last _decent_ architecture style. Feels like everything that came afterwards is either soulless or a modern art installation (which is like soulless, except worse)
Warlordish 24 dager siden
You forgot the Dublin spire
Vishnu Guda
Vishnu Guda 25 dager siden
Jon gave the Hungarian Parliament Building S tier because his mom is Hungarian.
Selena C
Selena C 25 dager siden
I want a GIF of 9:42
The Breaking Man
The Breaking Man 25 dager siden
Trajan may have been the Roman emperor at the time of the construction of the Pantheon but it wasn't he who built. The man who built the Pantheon was MARCVS AGRIPPA which it even says on the building. Get ya facs right jon.
John Galt
John Galt 25 dager siden
As a Caliboi worst part about the Golden Gate are the dam tolls...
Cyril ViXP
Cyril ViXP 25 dager siden
Turkey was a part of Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire. Has more than 4000 years of historic artifacts - castles, fortresses, amphitheatres, aqeuducts, Hagia Sophia and you totally ignored it :(
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
Not to mention another Italian classic in St. Peter's Basilica, who is similar to the Hagia Sophia because of its peak swag at display
Nona •
Nona • 27 dager siden
the shard? more like the shart 🤬🤬 F teir
Nick M
Nick M 27 dager siden
I’m not Italian but your welcome
WankersCramp69 27 dager siden
Simply put, modern architecture sucks.
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
We need more pillars in your life.
DanteEightSix 28 dager siden
Likes Chrysler Building (1928-1930) and Empire State Building (1930-1931) because of the 1930's Art Deco styling. Doesn't like Golden Gate Bridge (1933-1937) because it is painted international orange and not actual gold.
José Malta
José Malta 28 dager siden
Its nostalgic to hear about idubzz and h3h3 in the same video, at Jontron. Missing those old colabs
KillerCornMuffin 28 dager siden
Green screen stand in front of guy, no. Please go away.
CzL 28 dager siden
Not to offend you Jon but, not many people give a shit about Architecture
The Rat King
The Rat King 17 dager siden
Seems like over 280 thousand do care. Not pointing out all the millions that watched it
CzL 24 dager siden
@EvilDoresh maybe my friend, maybe. But i prefer my town just the way it is 👍🏻👌
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
Those people will usually change their mind once their home town gets "blessed" with a more "modern" building
Mayank Prasad
Mayank Prasad 28 dager siden
Taj mahal needs to be demolished.
Gremblo 28 dager siden
Why didn't you put the CN tower in there.
Atomicpotato 28 dager siden
He had 6.5M at the time of making this and now he has 6.61M.
ThePassionateGinger 29 dager siden
What rank did the leaning tower get? I don't see it.
Marcello 29 dager siden
But Goku rank begins with G G is below F Git R3KT nerd
John Towner
John Towner Måned siden
Look I might be a big ugly building but they built me to be BRUTALISM damnit
Leon Merciai
Leon Merciai Måned siden
13:56 I like how North Korea has no servers. So I guess Kimmy will just have to put Nuclear Missle target location on an un-secure coffee shop network.
Leon Merciai
Leon Merciai 24 dager siden
@EvilDoresh I feel stupid now that you say that Lmao
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
Can't counter-hack you if you don't have servers
SnozJam Måned siden
dan's idiot stand
dan's idiot stand Måned siden
2019 feels like 1449 now
8-bit Sarda
8-bit Sarda Måned siden
to be fair, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is probably my favorite piece of architecture on this tier list. Not sure on the name of it's tier though, I think Waifu tier would be a better name than Goku tier
Aumann04 Måned siden
Architect: "Here's a new building" Everyone: "We hate it" Architect: "I know but it's art so *go eat sh%t* "
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
Few things are more universal than the people's hatred for artsy buildings
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas Måned siden
Jon is the only person who can insult me and I won't get offended.
Blacksmith574 Måned siden
Why the hell does he have only 6.6M subs? EVERY single one of his videos is pure gold!
Guadalupe Freyre
Guadalupe Freyre Måned siden
9:29 10:28 6:50 1:04 4:35
William Mattresson
William Mattresson Måned siden
F in chat for those who thought the empire state building was the Chrysler building. And vice versa
Christopher Andrew
Christopher Andrew Måned siden
JonTron is solid S rank
Donny J.S Venatus
Donny J.S Venatus Måned siden
1:05 Me a Englishman: It did nothing we know for a fact...
Honey Raspberry
Honey Raspberry Måned siden
Jon I agree with you brutalist and modern architecture is awful
Fart stink
Fart stink Måned siden
my respect for you when goofy hos not an goku rank 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉
SuperYT Måned siden
6:35 Just gonna save that for later...
Prophet Måned siden
I'm sorry but the Roman Pantheon is a solid S tier because the light in the middle shines through the front door on the anniversary of Rome's founding. I say it's the greatest building ever because of the sheer amount of big dick energy it takes to do that
RewenEMP Måned siden
G o k u r a n k
InsanePorcupine Måned siden
The washington monument should have been put in the D tier ;)
Edward Strange
Edward Strange Måned siden
Great video
Weld Lord
Weld Lord Måned siden
Uncle sams sanctions are responsible for people in north korea starving. The idea that the nk government is starving their people just to be mean, is really childish.
Иван Зарева
For a moment I thought I'm watching a Dank Pods video, cuz of music.
O.G_SCR3W Måned siden
this channel deserver 100M subscriber than some music that cant even understand
AniGa Måned siden
Other NOsectionsrs: _Just straight copy the hot theme of the day_ JonTron: "But architecture though"
Lunar Echo
Lunar Echo Måned siden
Bad list lol
md link
md link Måned siden
11:43 wouldve been an S if they called it Perry the Platipus tower
A Dakota Sport Retriever
Putting The Space Needle in D is a offensive to me because I was born in Seattle.
Cupa the creeper
Cupa the creeper Måned siden
As soon as the list went up I started laughing.
Cupa the creeper
Cupa the creeper Måned siden
Minecraft Buckingham Palace is definitely an S teir
Josh D
Josh D Måned siden
Yeah, I'd put the shard in E
Jonathan Kent
Jonathan Kent Måned siden
"Not everyone should be allowed to vote." - Jon Jafari, 2019
096 Playz
096 Playz Måned siden
Don’t judge me I was born in Ukraine if that was even a Ukrainian Thing
Cholera_do Måned siden
9:13 one day this is going to be used against him in a foreign court of law.
Sebastien L
Sebastien L Måned siden
By far my favourite tier list video ever
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey Måned siden
"Lets put that in goku rank" I see what you did there Jonathan Tronathan.
HammerspaceCreature Måned siden
How is looking like the Eye of Sauron a bad thing?
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight Måned siden
Wtf I think I know that spot XD live in the Bronx and I wouldn’t talk bout that shit either
Evan Reveles
Evan Reveles Måned siden
The tears of a thousand Californians fall today
Droopr Troopr
Droopr Troopr Måned siden
4:22 I sorry what
canigetuhhhiyaaaaa? Måned siden
2:20 When you go to the school with the building jontron roasted (top left) 🥲
No that wasn’t supposed to happen
What did he just say
Why Why
Why Why 2 måneder siden
Devotee Of Mediocrity
Devotee Of Mediocrity 2 måneder siden
Londinium had a fort and a special gate to protect their crippled. The romans were so nice!😁
Lukas Lundström
Lukas Lundström 2 måneder siden
Modern architecture makes me sad
Biggie 2 måneder siden
What about the North Korean tower
Sebastian beleño Daza
Sebastian beleño Daza 2 måneder siden
The One-Sided Coin
The One-Sided Coin 2 måneder siden
Bronze IsAFurry
Bronze IsAFurry 2 måneder siden
Everytime I get a kill in a fps jontron shouts GOTTEM at me
Jacinda Fehr
Jacinda Fehr 2 måneder siden
For all time, people may see, my love of this...penis is looking structure
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 2 måneder siden
SABC 1 sevadelan is a South African sitcom in Afrikaans watch it
Chananyu Khunhan
Chananyu Khunhan 2 måneder siden
As a Thai, I strongly agreed that our Elephant Tower deserves that E.
Faceless Covers
Faceless Covers 2 måneder siden
Quick idea: Video game architecture video. Including things like Rapture and the Half-Life tower
I G O T B O R E D 2 måneder siden
nyc is the only good part of ny the rest of ny honesty sucks
Boomsitkle 2 måneder siden
No colosseums that’s an easy s
Elizabeth the lll
Elizabeth the lll 2 måneder siden
I didnt hear until now that in the end in the jon cathedral that in the background was the champions leauge music
The 404 Error
The 404 Error 2 måneder siden
This is honestly one of my favorite videos on NOsections.
Van Voso
Van Voso 2 måneder siden
I licked the Washington monumental
MrGUnit27 2 måneder siden
I genuinely want to see a part 2 of this video
iggy piggy
iggy piggy 2 måneder siden
12:34 that my birthday july 22 wow im very special
ETFRoss 2 måneder siden
Modern "architecture" ruins everything
jamil phillips
jamil phillips 2 måneder siden
10:58 what is this reference from
Wonshuan 2 måneder siden
I think we need to trim the Burj Khalifa down just a bit. That thing is literally twice as tall as actual fucking mountains Man was not meant to have such power.
Dean Oswald
Dean Oswald 2 måneder siden
Have your legs always been hairless?
Craig Brown
Craig Brown 2 måneder siden
I agree of the Edinburgh parliament, been there twice and hate it. Cause I'm a Scot
PAY R3SPECTS 2 måneder siden
8:38 *visible Washingtonian anger*
The Worldsmith
The Worldsmith 2 måneder siden
Wait, Jon just made a bunch of jokes about buildings... Does this mean that Jontron is the reason everything is going to hell?
Robin Jankovic
Robin Jankovic 2 måneder siden
9:01 lmao
Ox Dude
Ox Dude 2 måneder siden
Pantheon is really cool. I’m pretty sure it’s survived multiple floods before. And it’s so massive inside you’d need to be in person to feel the scale
Scott Buchan
Scott Buchan 2 måneder siden
As a scot i agree, that building is a fucking disgrace
salad 2 måneder siden
as someone who lives in washington I can say that we still dont know what the fuck the space needle is
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