Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTron 

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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Camera Operator - Conor Murdock
Gaffer- Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Sound Mixer - Keaton Hild
Production Designer/ Prop Master- Lynell Vinuya
Leadman - Mike Butler
Carpenter - Robert Taylor
Makeup Artist - Maria Alexandra
Special Effects - Melanie Licata
Set PA - Aramis Klein
Assistant Editor - Lewis Bown

Teenage Sister - Tamara Chichian
Teenage Brother - Daniel Stompor
Knife Culture Guests - Charlotte Claw, Craig Ernest Woodward, Georgia Morgan, Philip O'Gorman
Thug/Swordsman - Joseph Hernandez
Knife Culture VO - Lewis Bown


Christmas JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta


Christmas JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan



20. des.. 2019





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Kommentarer 23 601   
Necro Tazer
Necro Tazer 9 timer siden
Imagine wanting to see Santa to give him milk and cookies and then he immediately stabs you and then looks into the distance and starts endorsing a training video on knives
RockoTako Giovanni
RockoTako Giovanni 9 timer siden
Knife culture sounds like a Band name
RockoTako Giovanni
RockoTako Giovanni 9 timer siden
This is one of the GREATEST videos on the damn website
Dalek Thump
Dalek Thump 21 time siden
SMENS. Shoot first. lol
Olivia Blanchard
Darth Dan
Darth Dan 2 dager siden
6:43 - 7:03 I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Frank Daws
Frank Daws 2 dager siden
6:18 that overhead shot was gold.
Laurie The bomb
Laurie The bomb 2 dager siden
My motto in any game with trading and money is “no money no shiz”
lol mikeal jorden
lol mikeal jorden 3 dager siden
Jonathan Tronathan :0
Carl Christian Backhausen
This was wonderful
Ember gaming
Ember gaming 4 dager siden
Why can I not forget SMENS!?
JEREMIAH HANNEN 4 dager siden
"Jampin jahovid james thats a simatar"
TheGrimGabe 5 dager siden
My dad used to make blades and he has a fucking broad sword he kept, it’s in the garage all the time
CameronF305 5 dager siden
Yeah, sports fans! 5:04
Vincent Menard
Vincent Menard 5 dager siden
The first thing you gotta do is stay calm cause If you don’t get it on the first shot, you’ve always got four more
Donovan Hochradel
Donovan Hochradel 5 dager siden
They are forgetting one weapon, a bayonet, it’s stored like a sword but is long and can be attached to a gun
Kairos 6 dager siden
While you were busy being naughty, Santa studied the Blade.
L0nkanH0mer3 6 dager siden
Move Engage Neutralize Secure area Thats my versions
CypherTheAmazingHD 7 dager siden
Brent 515
Brent 515 7 dager siden
“God dammit Rick, take cover! That knife is fully loaded!” -JonTron 2020
Smurfman256 7 dager siden
Did the caveman part have Turok music in it?
Max Kolosov
Max Kolosov 7 dager siden
The baby with the knife is giving me nightmares
Kris Moran
Kris Moran 7 dager siden
Well you know what they say Santa knows when you’re awake cause he wants no witnesses.
Jesthor 7 dager siden
I feel like there's a missed opportunity of showing an edgelord with fedora and katana. Double-edge!
Camarg82 8 dager siden
The meaning of Christmas. Murdering Santa Claus
Antonio Lewit
Antonio Lewit 8 dager siden
11:51 I could've sworn that he said "naughty or knife"
Big pile Of trash
Big pile Of trash 8 dager siden
Jontron never gets old
Nick- c-139
Nick- c-139 9 dager siden
0:43 Santa really said no witnesses
Octo Lord
Octo Lord 9 dager siden
9:44 is a good saying for a bilistic knife
Alexander Vallecillo
Alexander Vallecillo 9 dager siden
Santa was training for those naughty ones
Bonster Bons
Bonster Bons 10 dager siden
You really set up a fancy ass table just for a joke
snowflake3608 10 dager siden
Jon Tron presents Microsoft Flight Simula… I mean surviving edged weapons.
justin moegling
justin moegling 10 dager siden
red letter media does this video too, its funny. oh yeah you betcha
Social Xperiment
Social Xperiment 11 dager siden
11:56 missed the perfect opportunity to say “naughty or knife”
Mantas K
Mantas K 12 dager siden
I almost died after watching this 🤣
Jayden Sonnier
Jayden Sonnier 12 dager siden
I fucking hate those age restricted videos
Chuck Porter
Chuck Porter 12 dager siden
Your No-Frames guy is Leo T. Gaje. Trained with him once, at a Pekiti Tirsia seminar. Dude has a level of hardcore I will never attain. Yes, he is really that fast; his forearms feel like concrete; hardly spoke a word during his instruction.
southofheck 13 dager siden
The Devil-worshiper has an Iron Maiden poster. That’s how you know they are really serious about worshiping satan.
Levi Word
Levi Word 13 dager siden
Welp Jontron learned something. who would actually use SMENS
Psychological Psychopath
The funniest part is the scimitar vs shotgun scene
gunz an ammo
gunz an ammo 14 dager siden
He didn't even stone with a pain the pain was supposed to be a butterfly knife
Debbie Dall
Debbie Dall 14 dager siden
I have a better idea not SMENS, STD Shoot To Disable
Vaideraid243 14 dager siden
JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji 15 dager siden
Il show you the true meaning of Christmas
three mooseqateers
three mooseqateers 15 dager siden
The credits were amazing I wish Jon still did them
Robert Swartz
Robert Swartz 16 dager siden
Pure. Comedic. GOLD.
Higuy258 17 dager siden
I think it's really funny that when Santa comes back, he pulls out the knife when asking if they've been nice, not when asking if they've been naughty
Andrew Playz
Andrew Playz 17 dager siden
Verdict: use an AK-103 just like jon did in the thumbnail
Szop s
Szop s 17 dager siden
The Amazing Spy
The Amazing Spy 17 dager siden
8:08: this is too OP, a frame 2 attack that kills instantly if it hits the sweat spot, I hope the devs nerf it soon
Space is the boundaries
10:00 when you see a horror movie and you think there’s a shadow at the corner of the room
Jake 19 dager siden
Getting stabbed with a sword through a doorway is no joke, my cousin's friend was killed by a katana through the mailbox.
Emilio Demartines
Emilio Demartines 19 dager siden
the late show isnit dead
chepepuy 19 dager siden
So, if you think about it, what Jontron just exposed is that the real problem here is society's GUN culture...
Mocod_ 19 dager siden
Me with a two handed, sharpened, sword in the corner of my room : Yes, I definetly don't know why anyone whould have a claymore in a corner of their house.
dorky shark
dorky shark 19 dager siden
no wonder cops in the US shoot unarmed people at this day and age
Tony Toons
Tony Toons 20 dager siden
An ad of a police training was just on my screen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s actually happened
Waffles 20 dager siden
"Defendant, can you please explain why you killed 26 children whilst they were seated in class?" "They all had edged weapons, what was I supposed to do other than follow SMENS?"
Sanslondo 20 dager siden
0:27 when you see Santa at night but you are supost to be asleep i dont know this comment is stupid
iurnmen 20 dager siden
James Allan
James Allan 21 dag siden
This seems more like a low budget Steven Segal movie rather than a training film
Absurd Hero
Absurd Hero 21 dag siden
Why did the Fandango commercial for Black Widow before the video display *FEMALE* in the biggest, boldest, screen filling text possible as if we don't know Black Widow's fucking gender?
Luke Sams
Luke Sams 21 dag siden
8:10 clearly a spliced knife%, Jon
Bard Kaitiff
Bard Kaitiff 22 dager siden
8:39 - that guy made Agent 47 and Altair his b*ches
likliklik firm
likliklik firm 22 dager siden
I got an ad does that help
likliklik firm
likliklik firm 22 dager siden
M. E.
M. E. 22 dager siden
This video inspired me to run rampant with a knife in Canada.
Officerpapy2320 on Roblox Back The Blue #BTB
7:50 Jesus Christ he was fast
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell 23 dager siden
Wish i could like this twice. Great video 👍
graeme nelson-moore
graeme nelson-moore 23 dager siden
You make fun of him for having a sword just lying around but my family has just that lying on a bench
Santum 23 dager siden
Yeah no wonder the police is as bad as it is after watching this
TheClassics 23 dager siden
8:29 you would expect the staff at the airport to get suspicious when the guy is trying to shove something in his dang pocket, and give me one good reason why you would kill a TSA agent in a large, airport full of armed officers. and when the grandpa just shoves the kid out of the way, now that's boomer humor
The  Cottrells
The Cottrells 23 dager siden
Napkin Knows
Napkin Knows 24 dager siden
The sheer fact his title is dead meme is crazy
ok 24 dager siden
Inferior Citrus
Inferior Citrus 24 dager siden
This NOsections Chanel is too good for NOsections
Ari Mo
Ari Mo 24 dager siden
That sword at 6 minutes in is really more of a chinese DaDao broadsword than a scimitar, Jon. Don't know if I can leave a good fath like anymore, mate.
Aperture science guy
Aperture science guy 25 dager siden
I find it hilarious that he either attached a knife to a big candy cane or licked a fake candy cane for the intro
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox 25 dager siden
8:46 was a balisong aka butterfly knife, handle made to look like 2 pens
DeFran Lucas
DeFran Lucas 25 dager siden
As a Canadian, a large part of our culture is fear mongering
Bean T. D.D
Bean T. D.D 25 dager siden
Soulcalibur defense 101
Megan drake
Megan drake 25 dager siden
geez these sports fans now days
Nerdy Thirty
Nerdy Thirty 26 dager siden
I had to stop the video, I was laughing so fucking hard. It was making my chest hurt.
underratedgrapejuice 26 dager siden
Daemian Matthews
Daemian Matthews 26 dager siden
Have you've been naughty or knife
Daemian Matthews
Daemian Matthews 26 dager siden
Is it me or does James Phillips sound like Yoda from starrcade
Baap 26 dager siden
0:49 He looks like michael Reeves and i dont like it
Cobalt 26 dager siden
0:50 the best training video ever made. 4 stars
Why Youlien
Why Youlien 26 dager siden
He just murdered 2 kids
Jacob 26 dager siden
Yes I do fencing I could defeat Santa
donGripo 26 dager siden
6:36 A few years ago, I second-hand rented an apartment and there was a rusty rapier in the corner behind the couch. Not as far fetched as Jon thinks lol
Valkyrie 69
Valkyrie 69 26 dager siden
SMENS - Shoot first MENS later!
TekenPlayr1 26 dager siden
0:42 Santa in the hood
Victor Blüd
Victor Blüd 27 dager siden
Narator: Using the element of surprisen is a favored tactic of edged weapon users. Homeless guy proceeds to use blunt object.
Galactical Animator
Galactical Animator 27 dager siden
Santa tougth no wittnesses
AskGoverntale 27 dager siden
“While you studied the blade, I studied how to avoid the blade”
The American military soldiers Of the war’s
Remind me to make a joke about gasoline on Christmas
Nathan Merriman
Nathan Merriman 27 dager siden
When you missed the cup I died
Obama’s Mama
Obama’s Mama 27 dager siden
I love how the satanist has a fucking Iron Maiden poster
Zaydon Shiro
Zaydon Shiro 27 dager siden
You'd think people would know knives are weapons, this is why you shouldnt live in the city
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