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Halloween JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta


Halloween JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan



15. okt.. 2019





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JonTronShow År siden
Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link patron.me/jontron and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!
Lego my eggo 2.0
Lego my eggo 2.0 22 dager siden
Noah Zork
Noah Zork Måned siden
You did that whole elaborate ad for Rise of Kingdoms and they didn't have enough of their shit together to create a discount code on their game with you channel name on it? I hope they made up the difference with $$$ because its not like their game is anything special.... "WOW OMG ANOTHER OFF BRAND RAID SHADOW LEGENDS CASH GRAB!!! WHO CAN I SEND ALL THIS MONEY TO?!?!?!?!?"
MR.random57 Måned siden
Tell people about jesus. . .
MR.random57 Måned siden
Get saved by jesus so you can go to hesven. . .
MR.random57 Måned siden
Tell people to get saved by jesus . . .
Robert Haggerty
Robert Haggerty 9 timer siden
splatoon boiii
splatoon boiii 16 timer siden
That feeling when you say there's a ghost, your boss doesn't believe you AND THEN YOU ASK FOR A DAY OFF?
HydroReptile 18 timer siden
16:20 can we please talk about how adorable this sweet old lady is
Chelsea Dag siden
I used to work at Toys "R" Us and helped shut down our latent Utah store, 5691. This is freaking hilarious!! It shouldn't be and I know some people fell for this drum station but I am laughing my butt off
jade feral
jade feral Dag siden
# free Yanni
Hogglethorp Dag siden
How do you die from wound to shin?
Labcoat Reads
Labcoat Reads 2 dager siden
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 2 dager siden
14:42 man 1990s times were scary!!!
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 2 dager siden
13:51 man 1990s times were weird
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 2 dager siden
God this mini series is about ass goofy as a are you afraid of the dark episode
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 2 dager siden
10:26 two lady's gonna die today
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman 2 dager siden
9:36 I thought they were gonna pull a Ghostbusters and just move one of the boxes around I can practically see the librarian ghost
PTT Entertainment
PTT Entertainment 2 dager siden
Who else thought they pressed the wrong video at first
Archimedes 2 dager siden
This was my first jontron video and I'm glad it was because this is still one of my favorites
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 2 dager siden
I ate my cousins chocolate cake so so yes maybe and no
ironIc 3 dager siden
i love that he destroys everything and makes a mess in ever video, WOW
Finley Chmielewski
Finley Chmielewski 4 dager siden
gibus theinfamous
gibus theinfamous 4 dager siden
It took me 2 years and me watching Monk to realize 10:33 is a Toy Story joke.
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 5 dager siden
9:07 Why can’t I hold all these basketballs?
lol mikeal jorden
lol mikeal jorden 5 dager siden
Groot 6 dager siden
2:35 and that is why I want a katana at all times
The artist known as Zack
Always a Halloween tradition to watch this and your Goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark episodes total classics and the your sister's a werewolf too
Dark Assassin 69
Dark Assassin 69 7 dager siden
Wait if toys r us is closed then he owns the store
Doomtower891 7 dager siden
Those who dislike the video ,Doesn't believe in real ghost.
Ben Ruddle
Ben Ruddle 9 dager siden
2:40 anyone gonna point out the fact that the chainsaw was running and the guy started pulling the chord
Somnambulizard 10 dager siden
Jon's delivery on everything he says is perfect
Thomas Parsons
Thomas Parsons 10 dager siden
3:13 smoothest transition I’ve EVER seen.
Skeasy 10 dager siden
Laurel Yansen? What a stupid name.
A.G.G 11 dager siden
Who asks if anyones there when its clearly an electrical problem? 9:21
Alex Martinovitch
Alex Martinovitch 11 dager siden
"he's stuck in a time warp, he doesnt know he died" then why the hell is he throwing frisbees at people
Toysvill TV Studios
Toysvill TV Studios 12 dager siden
Funny enough, We heard of the Sunnyvale Toys R Us Haunting. But Didn't know the origin of the haunting.
AtomicFlame#2400 12 dager siden
3:11 anyone else thought of a PS2?
JustShay 12 dager siden
Ngl, glad Sylvia is no longer with us. Ruined so many lives.
TheBrendon67 13 dager siden
Oh, Putt...
Shroopla 13 dager siden
3:14 - **Doctor Who intro vibes**
Shroopla 13 dager siden
Ok im KINDA freaking out: NOsections said I watched this video (it showed a red line across the bottom) but I swear I didn’t watch it yet (besides rn)-
the running man
the running man 13 dager siden
Where's the Ghostbusters when you need them?
ISAAC LACAZE 14 dager siden
imagine Jon's wife was the one who threw the door, and she did it out of spite.
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog 14 dager siden
sitting in the back of a Toys R Us and summoning a ghost sounds like something me and the boys would do on Friday
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog 14 dager siden
8:31 penguins:
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog 14 dager siden
I exhaled and thought I made the elevator noise
Funny Cat
Funny Cat 15 dager siden
Directed by Tobe Hooper and narrated by Leonard Nemoy. There is way too much talent involved in this show.
jb03hf 15 dager siden
He was illiterate.... and he wrote her these letters... Sylvia Browne - renowned lier....
Jamie Young
Jamie Young 16 dager siden
2:38 that splice cut editing tho ♥️😩 I love how well done it is
Flashback Turtle
Flashback Turtle 16 dager siden
Hyper Sans
Hyper Sans 17 dager siden
7:55 Potential Threat is smiling back there lmao
XerXes SpX
XerXes SpX 17 dager siden
Well idk 🤷🏾 about you guys but I did *TRULY HAVE A REAL GHASTLY EXPERIENCE* … one night at around 11:30 pm on the 2nd of May and apparently that day was a special holiday for some type of *Christians* I found that out by accident seeing it Trending on Twitter… I seen my Backpack 🎒 that I used to go to school with… it *OPENED ON ITS OWN LIKE THE ZIPPER WAS SLOWLY OPENING UP* 😨😨😱 and *dang I’ve should’ve recorded it happening cuz I had my phone in my hand in the moment but I got scared cuz it’s something I’ve never seen ever happen before in my life so I dared myself and went close to my backpack as soon as the zipper stopped moving on its own and as I was close I felt this wierd feeling on my body like I was feeling *heaviness and some other feeling that I don’t really know how to explain but one thing for sure it DID NOT FEEL GOOD TO ME* … and then some other night after that day like exactly 2 Weeks and 1 day after the 2nd of May like very early in the mornin I’d say it was around 3 am going up till 4 am I felt some strange Vibrations at my body while I was sleeping in 🛌 under my blanket and these vibrations were strong and I felt as if electricity was flowing through my body from the bottom of my feet to the top of my hair on my head and I heard some hovering sounds and I felt pressure on my back and both side of my body as if somethin or rather someone was there sitting and rollin on me while I’m sleepin and me feeling this invisible electric energy like I felt my heart beat faster than normal and some part of the side of my forehead felt like it was poppin like it wanted to burst 💥 out and on top of all of that… *MY PILLOW SHOOK ON ITS OWN* and that’s what rlly got me scared and I had to go to moms bedroom for the night bruh 😭😭😭 now then another night after that I felt pressure on my neck accompanied with a Breath that sounded like a Ghost 👻 and this pressure i was feeling on my neck (I was asleep at the time) it felt like someone was there tryna kill me in my sleep like suffocate me Hold’n my neck at two specific points… but luckily it stopped real quick and the hold on my neck was weak and not that strong… but crazy shit been hapenin to me all in may and I can tell you from my experience… *GHOSTS ARE REAL*
Clara Malone
Clara Malone 17 dager siden
God bless
Mike Jr 77
Mike Jr 77 18 dager siden
The amount of work Jon used to put into these videos was unreal and I miss it.
Higuy258 18 dager siden
This toys r us was 20 minutes away from my house
Blackout RecordS
Blackout RecordS 18 dager siden
I remember watching this
Vichtz 18 dager siden
That door joke is underrated
Cody Eisert
Cody Eisert 19 dager siden
3 minutes in, already you fucked up your floor, purchased a door and frame, and bought a whole mannequin. Here is a like for your money and effort. Godspeed John.
Israel Roze
Israel Roze 19 dager siden
2:31 I guess Jason wasn't prepared for that edged weapon attack.😂
James Greensides
James Greensides 19 dager siden
now stubbing your toe into a coffee table is like losing a world war it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo bad
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 21 dag siden
The Froogel's store I used to buy groceries from has a bad habit of firing their employees so quickly that you'd think they're haunted too. lol
Water 21 dag siden
Dylanthegamer1 22 dager siden
3:49 sound like one of those tube plastic straws the give you at zoos
Sebastian Chlebecek
Sebastian Chlebecek 22 dager siden
rip johnny
Mikestion 22 dager siden
Kirbonk 22 dager siden
Never thought I'd see Jon kill a man
Teaitvance Likamaboll
Teaitvance Likamaboll 23 dager siden
does the Narrator was Morgan freeman
Iksiruk 23 dager siden
What a hero, jontron just casually decapitated Jason Voorhees lol
aLittle FATGIRL 23 dager siden
Well we all know what Cosby was doing with his free hand. Putting Quaaludes in women's drinks.
calpol 9999
calpol 9999 23 dager siden
It was 2010 and I was watching a rerun of this with my dad and brother right after goosebumps and I was 2 years old that night I didn’t sleep and I kept herring the same voice out Loud
Jack Katovich
Jack Katovich 25 dager siden
That noise at 3:45 sounds like an elk
Odious One
Odious One 26 dager siden
And Jon made fun of the guy who "has literal fucking Excalibur" in Surviving Edged Weapons, poor Budget Vorhees, lol.
wildsmiley 26 dager siden
12:05. Sunnydale? Well there’s your ghost explanation right there.
Kaze No Kishi
Kaze No Kishi 26 dager siden
The instant noodle
The instant noodle 27 dager siden
Holy $&%&! That Jason cos-player was badass.
fefe 27 dager siden
Ghost busters we need your help
Marin Sabens
Marin Sabens 27 dager siden
This video will forever be one of my favorites
Nocturnal Arrow
Nocturnal Arrow 27 dager siden
I bet that B Elizabeth actually killed yonnie
Queen Legitimate
Queen Legitimate 27 dager siden
Yohnny saw the elephant at the Barnum Circus! lol
Nour Art
Nour Art 27 dager siden
4:12 It was a sad day for Karens all around the world
Guillaume Preud'homme
Guillaume Preud'homme 27 dager siden
8:30 and here we have a comparison of adult skeletons to children’s skeletons. As you can see the child is Short
Max Abbott
Max Abbott 27 dager siden
JonTron was sponsored by rok before they started making garbage ads. I’m surprised
templar23 27 dager siden
The inception of scamming when you can't even complete a made up assignment but instead admit that your attempt to get the fake ghost to leave failed is just mindblowing to me :D
James Allan
James Allan 27 dager siden
The guy who directed this also directed the original Texas chainsaw massacre
Lochlan O'Driscoll
Lochlan O'Driscoll 27 dager siden
Is nobody talking about this episode being directed by Tobe Hooper, the same guy who did The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist?
Mr. Zeasly
Mr. Zeasly 28 dager siden
Jon 2 and a half minutes into a Halloween episode: who needs money from NOsections anyway?
Tristan Daries
Tristan Daries 28 dager siden
Someone actually threw a door at John. Production quality is unmatched to this day
Rebecca Gomez
Rebecca Gomez 28 dager siden
how is this sooo funny like I laughed every few seconds
LoganArnoldKicks 29 dager siden
As someone who admittedly does believe in the paranormal, Sylvia Browne is making it harder and harder for us believers to have any sense of credibility 😂
Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs 29 dager siden
If you guys have seen the 2000s TV show with Patricia Arquette, Medium, that was based on Sylvia, here.
dokidoki_bells 29 dager siden
this video us way too good :o
EvilBrit 29 dager siden
Like an axe to femur would hurt less
huh what
huh what 29 dager siden
I was mostly haunted by the minority girl doing a white power hand symbol 😰 I'm literally shaking
The Rat King
The Rat King 26 dager siden
I love shitposters
EvilBrit 29 dager siden
3:47 - blow very hard into a small corrugated tube
Eric TheBro
Eric TheBro 29 dager siden
I love the practical effects jon uses
SAUCEBOSS49 29 dager siden
That bill Cosby joke...........he's out now and he's coming for your pudding pops
Giant Pink Cat
Giant Pink Cat Måned siden
I love how every Ghost show is trying to rip off the Twilight Zone with their intros.
Cheez4567 Måned siden
REAL. Not take.
Uri U
Uri U Måned siden
The woman he points to in the ‘famous picture’ looks looks more scary then the actual ghost. Swear that’s a skull not a face
SAM SHAPIRA Måned siden
9:50 This joke aged better than Toys R Us.
RDPendleton Måned siden
So it turns out that Cotton Hill has the ideal body.
David Maldonado
David Maldonado Måned siden
I like 5:36
David Maldonado
David Maldonado 26 dager siden
@Alex Vancini ok
Alex Vancini
Alex Vancini 26 dager siden
I like it more bitch
David Maldonado
David Maldonado Måned siden
Why did I get a ad for bestpost
Σπυρίδων Δούκας
You know one of my favorite things to do when I'm mad at the world is chop wood... Now I'm left contemplating at 3 a.m. if I look as wannabe edgy and cringey as this Yonnie dude when I do it. when I do it
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