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Wow, virtual reality is the future...or is it the past?


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Jon Jafari - Himself
Vincent Chan - Ebay Horatio Hart

Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Line Producer/Director of Photography - Sergio Torres
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Makeup/Special Effects- Melanie Licata
Production Assistant - Andrew Reynoso
Set Design/Props - Lynell Vinuya

Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Editor - Andrew Reynoso

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23. des.. 2017





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Tharmos the Wendigo King
ah yes the less darker days of vrchat
Ezekiel Doughlin
Ezekiel Doughlin 6 timer siden
16:20 I think this is the video that got JonTron removed from Yooka-Laylee.
LukeMaster12 [ITA]
LukeMaster12 [ITA] 16 timer siden
Ah, VRChat... What a beautiful game...
You know, despite not being born when this show actually came out, I have childhood memories of this from like, Netflix or something stupid.
Tyler Clark
Tyler Clark 2 dager siden
18:11 That fucking hand karate chop with the smash melee kill sound made me laugh the hardest out of everything in this episode for some reason lmfao I love your little mini edits like those!!
ethan spaziani
ethan spaziani 3 dager siden
Dear John I'm sure my message will be lost in a sea of other messages but I'd like you to know that I turn off adblock to watch your videos you make great content thank you for staying on NOsections and making everyone's day better
Quin Troke
Quin Troke 3 dager siden
I feel bad for that iguana
illia 4 dager siden
love "target is gay" so much that I took time to pause this video, find the video clip, convert it to mp3, and make it my ringtone.
Dolan Dank The DJ Hank
*He sacrificed a green screen for this episode* *Lets not ignore that,but ignore the supremacy*
Eric Mikesell
Eric Mikesell 4 dager siden
Thats like alternate timeline jacky bryant
imriy 5 dager siden
I loved this show as a kid
A Potato :D
A Potato :D 5 dager siden
I coulda sworn Cannon Nose's name was Canada's, I'm a fuckin' moron.
Krstofer Stephen
Krstofer Stephen 5 dager siden
Watching this when 1 bitcoin is hundreds of thousands of dollars
Dan The Watcher
Dan The Watcher 6 dager siden
I wouldn't have remembered the show, but once the theme song played I had instant Flashbacks
Never More
Never More 7 dager siden
What's funny is if u think of SAO an other animes like it they kind of made this scenario popular.
Greyson Thomas
Greyson Thomas 8 dager siden
I love “NO MORE NUKES!!!” When nuclear energy is really efficient and better than coal or oil plants.
bacongrave 8 dager siden
What’s that outro song?
Skeasy 10 dager siden
The "I Win" Board Game is just fantastic. Done, only to be shown for like 2 seconds :D
Ronnie Pridgett jr
Ronnie Pridgett jr 10 dager siden
Vr toppers
Benjamin Stevens
Benjamin Stevens 12 dager siden
Why did that name him Johnson Ironwood instead of James Everyman?Was this originally pitched as a porno?
Alex Sines
Alex Sines 12 dager siden
Occasionally I think of the VR Troopers theme. I’d be just chilling then *WE are! We are VR ~Virtual Reality~*
חאלון הפקות
חאלון הפקות 13 dager siden
18:43 I just got it, oh my god- How I have missed that… that’s what she said🤣
Castafer 13 dager siden
Wait, "With over 700 million players installed"... You install the players??? xD
Jumble Drops1029
Jumble Drops1029 15 dager siden
It's actually really nice to see old VR Chat
Tanner Yats
Tanner Yats 16 dager siden
"You're just a regular run of the mill failure, don't be so easy on yourself." That is my favorite line.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran 20 dager siden
The rebel relative provisionally paint because burn conceptually soak atop a unruly bamboo. opposite, tearful jasmine
M4ST3R_ G4M3R 21 dag siden
9:10 don't mind me
M4ST3R_ G4M3R 14 dager siden
@Grant I don't know what your talking about, I had that time for memes. Not for what ever wierd thing your talking about
Grant 14 dager siden
@M4ST3R_ G4M3R I kindly request it be seated firmly upon my face.
M4ST3R_ G4M3R 14 dager siden
@Grant how dare you
Grant 14 dager siden
Yeh, looking to the lower right portion of the video, huh?😏😛🤤
ScipioRomanus 22 dager siden
Jon, dude you look so much slimmer and healthier here.
Vayos ReaperoftheVoid
Vayos ReaperoftheVoid 22 dager siden
How many portals have you seen in your life time?? Me , who's played : Diablo, Rift, FF1-15, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Watched stargate and countless others, not to mention playing the time line mess that is Chrono trigger..... Me: How many breads have you eaten????
Grant 14 dager siden
aw, cool.
Icyboi 23 dager siden
20:09 my man Jontron lookin like a FNF character
TheAnimeSama 24 dager siden
When you realize that Rem is in a Jontron video
Mr_floop 24 dager siden
Day 280 of waiting for jontron to make a video on big bad beetleborgs
J-117 25 dager siden
That is one catchy theme song.
BigGeek2256 25 dager siden
15:23 Hey! I remember the “I Win!” Board game! Good times
Matthew Bach
Matthew Bach 25 dager siden
On my way to this real structure 🤣
WankersCramp69 26 dager siden
Are these people confusing nuclear bombs with nuclear power plants?
zaccwiggins 28 dager siden
You’re telling me that Ryan went a good 2 days out in the sun in a full body metal suit and didn’t suffer severe heat stroke?
John Davies
John Davies 28 dager siden
Love ya jontron!!!!!!
Emu🐦 28 dager siden
I can't tell if Piglet was H3H3 or Jon's Clone but he's suicidal
The Gospel of the fallen angels.
Is that salir the guy who sale the flextape crap ? Younger
JRockThumper 29 dager siden
“Gateway and or portal, clearly.” xD
Chimkinnuggers2888 Måned siden
leon zetsu
leon zetsu Måned siden
METALDER ?. i'm so glad i grew up watching the originals. this show is just a remix of the old Japanese shows, that's why this show looks like a bootleg game
Aiden C
Aiden C Måned siden
the vr chat guy was..... odd
Raihan Kabir Fahim
Raihan Kabir Fahim Måned siden
This actually looks like a show I would have absolutely loved when I was younger
Grant 14 dager siden
Helaow sir, this is the Steve from Weindow of the Microsoftings. You have each and every why-russes on your pc computers. Pleasingly do one thing and caller me immediatelies, be a handy with pen and a piece of a papers. If you the failings to contacts then I will be a force to b-cruptings your pc, and the also contacting FBI for you will be behind the bars. How-the-evers, don't be panic, this can all be the resolve with Google play cardings. Yours sincerefullies, (The) Steve. Microsoftings, The New York Cities, Californication, Canada.
INDAREVISH Måned siden
Can we also add how the allegedly teen has a wedding ring?
Ethan Greenlee
Ethan Greenlee Måned siden
How in the eff was this a VR game? Was it a VR movie? Lol.. I'm so confused
CHRIS BURNS Måned siden
JoshtheOverlander Måned siden
Was that bit with the boom mic an actual blooper for VR troopers?
SMAXZO Måned siden
To answer Jon's question why Grimlord had to call the other guy on screen...he's from a different show and had to edit the guy's footage into the throne room scene. One problem..they don't have the actual suits from the shows used (Spielban and Metalder, the general Grimlord called on screen is from Spielban, everything else is from Metalder) hence why their Battle Grid suit are basically recycled and recolored Power Rangers outfits
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
DM me, I will adopt you.
gandush gancimeg
gandush gancimeg Måned siden
JamesTheGoo Måned siden
This video might of single-handedly doubled the Metal Heroes fanbase numbers.
mexicanmaggot666 Måned siden
How did I miss this video and its amazing reference to Tourette's Guy!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MadMetalManiac74 Måned siden
Used to love this show as a kid 🤣
robbie commie
robbie commie Måned siden
Usheen42O Måned siden
Wouldchu touwch my eers wichor dirty heynds little bohi?
OlafttheGreat1998 Måned siden
Well the villain goons look a lot more interesting than your typical Power Rangers episode
OlafttheGreat1998 Måned siden
The door used Doom sound effects, nice
Rasa Braswell
Rasa Braswell Måned siden
the 80's/90's were a lawles wasteland
Alex B
Alex B Måned siden
Me "mum can we have power rangers?" Mum "no we have power rangers at home" *The power rangers at home
Grant 14 dager siden
haha fune youtube coommints maymays the shocked pikachu face goes brr fbi wants to know your location and understandable have a nice day amirite?
Jakub Lulek
Jakub Lulek Måned siden
This series is almost as embarrassing as Sailor Moon live action.
dev public
dev public Måned siden
The dog saying "nah" got me
Selo Ardian
Selo Ardian Måned siden
6:30 8:51 15:22 Best scene
Gideon Garratt
Gideon Garratt Måned siden
what is the source for the image at 2:13? I need it for a school project
Noah Oord
Noah Oord Måned siden
When i get my first vr headset 3:06
Leander de Gz
Leander de Gz Måned siden
17:56 that scream.. 🤣
Fiera Drake
Fiera Drake Måned siden
16:20 says butt in Chinese lol
TXF Måned siden
Dude really got and/or built an entire diorama for a 5 second clip in an episode about VR Troopers.
Michael Jacksin
Michael Jacksin Måned siden
hurt shoulder, flex tape brick, Lukes hand, what does it all mean?
Nobody From Nowhere
Nobody From Nowhere Måned siden
As a kid, I loved the shit out of this show.
Elidio Da silva
Elidio Da silva Måned siden
1:15 Sorry, this video is not available:/
AbareKillerFan 2002
AbareKillerFan 2002 Måned siden
Metalder was better
Christopher Newby
Christopher Newby Måned siden
Good to see they didnt rip off the concept for vr troopers from idk power rangers or other 90s tokusatsu sentai series. Its a totally unique show, that just so happens to involve teenagers who practice martial arts who are imbued with special powers.......oh wait.....is nothing sacred. This just proves what Ive bee saying since day one, that big bad beetleborgs is the best sentai show period, at least they broke from the norm and gave super powers to kids, instead of teens, and included monsters, and Flabber need I say more, wheres is their emmy.
shartn's fun!
shartn's fun! Måned siden
What is with the 90s and taking stuff from Japan, splicing in American actor scenes. They did it with super Mario 2, power rangers ect... Not that I'm complaining
Estrada603 Måned siden
They demo a downtown store to make a nuclear plant that dont make sense but then they show a building that looks like an abandoned plant
Noah Moritz
Noah Moritz Måned siden
The “I don’t know maybe you should hit the fucking breaks” was pretty funny
Bare Bear Hands
Bare Bear Hands Måned siden
I always come back here for a good dose of TheZiver concentrating his mind of dying.
José Camarao
José Camarao Måned siden
Fun fact chef la merde means crappy chef
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Måned siden
The chemical move thirdly shiver because albatross lamentably rob unlike a three reading. strong, sedate kite
Wiggle Master
Wiggle Master Måned siden
3:19 was that Jon?
Wiggle Master
Wiggle Master Måned siden
8:50 On my way to this real structure.
ryublueblanka Måned siden
How can you not only look like Randy Jackson but also sound just like Randy Jackson
ryublueblanka Måned siden
San Pedro represent!!!
kevo23630 Måned siden
Cause the cool parts were from a japenese show.
2pringles Måned siden
"I took the liberty of making a few modifications to your car" ...did that include the removal of the brakes?
nate vivanco
nate vivanco Måned siden
I still wonder how Julian Combs sees out of his glasses. His eyes are so high and so lop sided
Faic Legion
Faic Legion Måned siden
Ziver... what the fuck
Aaron Bierly
Aaron Bierly Måned siden
OMG its Angry Jo's dad!! 🤣
maka pixel
maka pixel Måned siden
Ryan Steel looks like a capcom character. Or maybe Tekken??
Not racist, just don’t like goblins.
But Beetleborgs was great :(
Mark _
Mark _ Måned siden
That evil ziktor and his.... electricity for the city 😂😂
Jdr 1/10
Jdr 1/10 Måned siden
My favorite character is the iguana
skiffy mcguggles
skiffy mcguggles Måned siden
zicktor is rippin off simply irresistible even the back round girls are dressed like the video. perfect
Dustin Fry-Russell
Dustin Fry-Russell Måned siden
how the fuck did the actors breathe in this outfits jfc
joe court
joe court Måned siden
8:23 you know you want ot
Yeyote F
Yeyote F Måned siden
Wow Eeyore really got to Piglet
BBG BBopGamer
BBG BBopGamer Måned siden
20:07 oh my god it's Friday night funkin' 3 years before Friday night funkin'
MultiDarkZen 2 måneder siden
lmfaoo imagine if jontroin used a virtual boy for that viser joke
BrutalBurnz 2 måneder siden
"We must inform Pooh" Best line ever XD