A Fireside Chat with JonTron (Updates, Funny Stories, and YouTube) 

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Intro Voiceover By: Lewis "Fakanza" Bown



8. juli. 2019





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JonTronShow 2 år siden
Thanks for chatting with me, everyone!! Sign up and comment here and tell me the best deal you got through Swagbucks! www.influencerlink.org/SHfP
Ggl ReallySucks
Ggl ReallySucks 2 måneder siden
I despise Google for ruining NOsections
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones 2 måneder siden
@bpom blo :DB
Garrett DiDomizio
Garrett DiDomizio 4 måneder siden
We miss you
Lord Of Ōshū
Lord Of Ōshū 7 måneder siden
Hey Jonboy! Merry Christmas from 2020.
Gabe Winkelman
Gabe Winkelman 9 måneder siden
Classic Memer
Classic Memer 5 dager siden
He can make real ghost but he dont have a clock
OG Kakarotto
OG Kakarotto 15 dager siden
LOL, let us slide on sexual fluids.... Isn't that with where sposed to dooooo?
CaptainAlie 21 dag siden
I wish everyone moved to a non- corrupt NOsections alternative.
Age of Agency 7
Age of Agency 7 22 dager siden
12:30 Melodies are copy righted. Fucking ridiculous.
Age of Agency 7
Age of Agency 7 22 dager siden
8:30 they've set it up so they can pick and choose whatever THEY want from us slaves.
DrDaddy 22 dager siden
Did not realize how on point Jon was when he released this. After 2020 and well into 2021 it's only gotten worse.
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 26 dager siden
At that point, it feels like advertisers censoring content to fit their economic agenda. They’re destroying creative integrity for their selfish sake.
Brian Dauphinee
Brian Dauphinee 27 dager siden
Take all the time you need! Quality over quantity! (But bring back the intro)!! Take care
darren360elite 27 dager siden
NOsections " We are Not Political" NOsections.....here are our sponsored political videos we want to force feed you.
John Davies
John Davies 28 dager siden
Go back to video games that's what we love you for ...come on maaaan!!
Afilandra Goncalves
Afilandra Goncalves Måned siden
I'm pissed that I gave r kelly money w out knowing
pratik Måned siden
I love the direction his going
Lena Oxton
Lena Oxton Måned siden
You guys should open a patreon and stick it to NOsections 😂
Roadtrip Warrior
Roadtrip Warrior Måned siden
love ya jon
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
NOsections was a free platform that has been taken over by the fascist censorship of american culture . NOsections had a real chance to be a good platform but by caving in to the american bullshit on censoring swearwords which is an absolute fascist and communist thing to do they started ruining it and nowadays its just an abomination and marginably entertaining.. best content on this platform is the old ones.. even for your vids. I hate what youtube has become but way more I hate the american culture and its heretic disguisting fascist ways of shouting freedom but applying censoring and ruling with fear as bad as any dictatorship in the world.
Texas Red
Texas Red Måned siden
NOsections age restricted your video about drug psa's. NOsections.. age restricted a video about *anti* drug videos
Julian Geanta
Julian Geanta Måned siden
Jon Tron………. Humor Refined
Cepheusthegreat Måned siden
Can't believe JonTron is uploading again!!!!!!
justin boyd
justin boyd Måned siden
Oh Jon you were a prophet in this video about free speech.
SP 2020
SP 2020 2 måneder siden
NOsections is destroying their own platform
xblackghostx 2 måneder siden
I wouldn't say NOsections is the place for free speech because under the 1st amendment, the government shall not take that away. NOsections is a company, not a government. and should retain that right to use its platform for its own use, BUT NOsections should be more liberal about opinions. they could be good for society or bad. depends on who controls it.
Ggl ReallySucks
Ggl ReallySucks 2 måneder siden
NOsections sucks so bad. Fuck Google
Nuka-Cetylene 2 måneder siden
Wait until Jon gets demonitised for saying "cereal."
F1R3 P0W3R
F1R3 P0W3R 2 måneder siden
I don't get disappointed fast. But seeing a JohnTron video, thinking that it's new only to find out it released 4 years ago kills my soul
Magos Biologis Silicus
Magos Biologis Silicus 2 måneder siden
I get literal straight incest hentai for ads (very often) I ain't even straight utterly wack if you ask me
Christopher Rowley
Christopher Rowley 2 måneder siden
Entertain me, fat boy.
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson 2 måneder siden
Dude... You're comments on censorship was prophetic. Who could have seen 2020 coming. It got much worse.
UndyingEnergy 2 måneder siden
wh.... why is sexual fluids under violence and not adult content?
Josh Robbins Ditto305
Josh Robbins Ditto305 2 måneder siden
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders 2 måneder siden
That list of things not to do is just a description of Jontron videos
Kadett 7842
Kadett 7842 2 måneder siden
Release the vlog, Jon
Pagawn 2 måneder siden
“...Taken to- frickin, the Supreme Court.” That statement did not age well.
dimiel go
dimiel go 2 måneder siden
It took me about two minutes to realize that it was not, in fact a real fireplace.
Random Blog Collection
Random Blog Collection 2 måneder siden
You know what, Jon seems like a guy who would be great to have a beer with!
Oliver 2 måneder siden
i watched this
Deeks Geeks
Deeks Geeks 2 måneder siden
They gave me a strike on my channel for a video that didn't have any music in it for copywrite... I know the feeling man
Thursday Plurbonym-Boyporridge
I really like the casual style
Azteko 2 måneder siden
5:43 there is absolutely no way the seen by on the bottom left is almost SO perfect.
RyanJ92 2 måneder siden
Surely they do more than just NOsections videos right? No idea how they make money to live otherwise
Skoll Memes
Skoll Memes 2 måneder siden
great rant, thanks for speaking out against youtube's censorship, something that a lot of creators are afraid to do
Stone Faced
Stone Faced 2 måneder siden
Facts from a meme lord
†Taiga Aisaka†
†Taiga Aisaka† 2 måneder siden
Ah so this is why channels like funhaus has gone to shit thanks youtube
P S 2 måneder siden
It’s crazy that it’s only been a year and the state of NOsections is exponentially worse
Noah Zork
Noah Zork 2 måneder siden
Dude, Dunkin coffee is sour piss water. Please for your own sake, try other coffee....
Andres Segovia
Andres Segovia 3 måneder siden
The filthy frank reference... my heart aches over the loss of a loved one
ႈae nz
ႈae nz 3 måneder siden
Cavan 3 måneder siden
This is so annoying bro. NOsections is becoming more and more irrational. All these rules are bullshit and none of them apply to music or news channels. Plus I’ve seen advertisements that break the tos. Come on Susan... this is so hypocritical
Julian 3 måneder siden
Someone has to step up and start a new video forum without the ‘guidance’
Andrew W Whittaker
Andrew W Whittaker 3 måneder siden
I just saw an ad depicting a cartoon yeti beating a penguin with a baseball bat. NOsections, everyone!
James Bailey
James Bailey 3 måneder siden
I don’t like that background music, gives me ptsd
E Marti
E Marti 3 måneder siden
When you cruising through the school zone and one of the speed bumps screams...
Youhavetoguessit 3 måneder siden
Holy hell, this aged well. It's even more true now about censorship and the bs of NOsections.
Yorkshire Tea
Yorkshire Tea 3 måneder siden
Bruh I must have been tripping because I thought for half the video that, that fire was actually real.
Emil Elander
Emil Elander 3 måneder siden
the reason they have such broad and vague guide lines is so that they can freely do whatever they want there is no free speech on youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. they are companies with their own rules, which means they can remove, silence, or do whatever they want to
J Jizzle69 2
J Jizzle69 2 3 måneder siden
Come back papa Jon
Levi noneofyourbusiness
Levi noneofyourbusiness 3 måneder siden
bro honestly anything he comes out with would be funny and what we viewers would want. this feels like another nigahiga moment, they put time and effort into their videos only to be bashed that their upload speeds r garbage. ALSO if any of your team reads this then do a minecraft video, ik it sounds childish or a dumb thought but theres alot of comedy that could be done with it, for example how a game where u mine and craft things with next to no real plot is the worlds number 1 game. anyways i hope you dont quit ;-;
Miah Thorpatrick
Miah Thorpatrick 3 måneder siden
Hey, love your content, JonTron! Yeah, it turns out R. Kelly wrote that song “You’re not Alone” for Michael Jackson back in the day.
Shed Life
Shed Life 3 måneder siden
Dude your latest stuff is so freaking surreal and I love the 4-5-part story arc. I was telling my friend how the skit with the camera inside the bag but it was a freaking ginormous Canon lens sticking out, that episode was so gold on so meta. But it also made me think of the black and white movies, the surrealist movies. I think numerous people/artists could learn a lot from how you produce and write these things. It's like people in the old days reading Dickens serials.
TKvanKaam 3 måneder siden
Time + Tragedy = Comedy There I helped you :) When a tragedy has happened and some time over it has passed, it can become somewhat funny.
GenericRacer07 3 måneder siden
5:42 and 5:53 were those just JOJO references?
Moist Mail Man
Moist Mail Man 3 måneder siden
Jon has been laughing at these comments for 8 months now....
TerryDax 2 måneder siden
It's kind of a shitty thing to do to use your platform to call out criticism like it isn't valid, when he then goes on to prove the criticism again and again. I refuse to believe that it takes him 5+ months to make a single 10 minute video with the same production values as an AVGN episode form 2016. I get it. All of his videos are good, but it's very annoying to have a creator pretend that we're stupid and he's going to change when he never does. Just own up to it now. Just say that the videos are done when they're done. I would respect that a lot more then him getting a clickbait "im back I promise" video every year.
dandandevil 26
dandandevil 26 3 måneder siden
Whoah you uploaded
G4T0R4D3_ M4N
G4T0R4D3_ M4N 3 måneder siden
making a pizza at 4 in the morning? to a gamer those are rookie numbers ALSO YT KIDS EXISTS SUSAN. USE IT YOU BAFOON
Jayceedeem 3 måneder siden
“Only 90,000 followers”
Kevin Goodman
Kevin Goodman 4 måneder siden
Lol Jon breaks over half those guidelines every video, yet still has sponsors ! Funny stuff
Gregory Gallegos
Gregory Gallegos 4 måneder siden
Hopefully we may get an update video, we miss you a lot
TORYN Nielsen
TORYN Nielsen 4 måneder siden
If NOsections IS a platform they need to stop banning everyone. Especially in the states where you guys have actual free speech. Are you a platform or a publisher? Both do not get the same rights.
TORYN Nielsen
TORYN Nielsen 4 måneder siden
Yea if you say you shouldn't gender transition a child you will be age restricted
TORYN Nielsen
TORYN Nielsen 4 måneder siden
I'm surprised the NOsections fascists haven't demonetized or age restricted ALL of your videos.
Jakub Punz
Jakub Punz 4 måneder siden
Time + tragedy = comedy Comedy - tragedy = time Comedy - time = tragedy
Mrshoes 4 måneder siden
this man spittin!!!
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez 4 måneder siden
Jon the internet needs you Jon . Where are you Jon ???? Please come back , I need comedy .....good comedy. 😭😭😭😭😭
Jeremy Roland
Jeremy Roland 4 måneder siden
Ik this is old but I feel like the plot line to The Good Place fits well here. Initially, the rules worked, but as times changed and society and youtube evolved, they no longer work properly for how things really are. They may work on paper, it may seem like an ok system at face value, but when you really look into it, it's absurd.
GPAKOS 4 måneder siden
It's not like you can't talk about tragedies, you simply can't make money from talking about tragedies
Cian Lister
Cian Lister 4 måneder siden
You know what’s really unfair? How people thought jontron was a bigot for like three months just cause he didn’t know history.
Lazy 4 måneder siden
Callum MacSmith
Callum MacSmith 4 måneder siden
this is weird he is speaking from the heart
Jackson Johns
Jackson Johns 4 måneder siden
It’s like listening to FDR’s fireside chats all over again
DJ Melville
DJ Melville 5 måneder siden
talkn, what you talnk
Majik 5 måneder siden
**notices a lot of comments want gaming videos again** "we're not doing gaming videos" **One minute later says he wants to make what we want** Uhuh sure
ILuvBoysInDresses 5 måneder siden
"I'll let you slide on sexual fluids" is delightful out of context
dauntae24 5 måneder siden
More racially insensitive content please. You know. Your hits.
Bailey Grundy
Bailey Grundy 5 måneder siden
Next stock hold: NOsections until they change their ridiculous ad rules
Geeking Solo
Geeking Solo 5 måneder siden
In two hours will be my birthday. And the only thing I really want is a new Jontron episode... Is that so wrong?
bob 5 måneder siden
its been so long since his last video, im just going through his older videos cuz i could watch the same one multiple times and id still laugh
Squidward Tortellini
Squidward Tortellini 5 måneder siden
You can say “orange man bad” and be put on the front page, but if you say “orange man good” you get your channel deleted and the government comes to your house and kills your self
Lukas Raynor
Lukas Raynor 5 måneder siden
Just realized the background music is Bennett Fodey Music. Good show sir
Chris Manuel
Chris Manuel 5 måneder siden
People would probably stop commenting about you never releasing videos if you... regularly uploaded videos.
KevoZebo 5 måneder siden
Jon where have you gone!! We ahwahoho ohhhhh loooove you yooohoooou ahuuuu who! We love Jon! Stop! IN THE NAME OF JON!!!! Before you break my Jon!!!! Ahhhhwuuuu!
WhoIsThisK1d 5 måneder siden
wait where was the funny storries
moolian mools
moolian mools 5 måneder siden
let me know where you move your content to
pixel 6 måneder siden
i would love to see some more tier rank videos, i thought it was the best video ever!
pixel 6 måneder siden
i put my 5 dollars to onlyfan- I MEAN TARGET!
Evan Surdey
Evan Surdey 6 måneder siden
Omg he made another video 😜😜. Finally aIr (am I rite) 😤😤😤
Daniel Dela Torre
Daniel Dela Torre 6 måneder siden
Well, it's been 5 fucking months since he's posted. Guess we should be asking again? ARE YOU DOING OKAY JON? HAS RAID SHADOW LEGENDS TAKEN YOU HOSTAGE?
jorge burgos
jorge burgos 6 måneder siden
Liking the newer vids
The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer 6 måneder siden
Surprised how early Jon was to call out the "umm it's a private company sweaty they can do what they want :)" argument. A year and a half later, it's an even bigger issue
Cow God
Cow God 6 måneder siden
And the censorship has only gotten much worse
RYCKroll 6 måneder siden
It is just a private company tho...
my dream came true.
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my dream came true.
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