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12. april. 2020





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Kommentarer 39 836   
Rishil Time siden
20:50 "Achievement Acquired: How did we get here!"
Sawyer Prothero
Sawyer Prothero 6 timer siden
27:30 this makes me think smoking is healthy
Skeleton Rocker Gaming
That one chick that jumped in the water looks like the dad from Wild Thornberries
Samuel Murrell-Cole
Samuel Murrell-Cole 9 timer siden
Jon Tron is hilarious
Donkey Butt
Donkey Butt 10 timer siden
Why do they say you can get sick if you go out in the cold without proper warm clothes on or being in the cold rain getting soaked? I would get a cold or flu when i dont that!
Sergiu Aivănoaie
Sergiu Aivănoaie 17 timer siden
she looks like joker after that surgery
Broxigar 22 timer siden
Bunch of greedy lunatics.
Dregz Dag siden
I'm sorry about elmo jon, I hope you get custody of ernie
Drakeblood Orwen
Late but I like that they used TF2 screams at 7:18
“Anna is skeptical” and as soon as the ‘psychic’ starts questioning her, Anna looks at her like she’s crazy. No wonder the associate producer came in. As soon as they say “You’re reading Lindsay,” Anna clearly gives them a “But you didn’t prove its real” look to them right as they cut away.
endobro 1987
endobro 1987 Dag siden
@JonTronshow A food editor, also customarily referred to as a food writer, is the person who pens and edits articles and columns on the subjects of cooking, baking, restaurants, recipes and culinary techniques.
Eggs, For breakfast?
that short dark haired girl is such a Karen, also this guy 11:36 is a smurf
Pushy Slayer
Pushy Slayer Dag siden
hey, a furbie..... thats kinda scary 4:13 Easy-E dose not approve of this message 5:28 dude, last guy and lady talking bout that shit ended up sexually assaulting dolphins at "the dolphin house"
Yharr Dag siden
7:49 Jon burnt his entire house to the ground for our entertainment.
Ghost Gavin06
Ghost Gavin06 2 dager siden
Is that bottle of horse ratish still on your ceiling from the Conan vid
Jay Yingling
Jay Yingling 2 dager siden
Newly baptized hero rofl 🤣
Isaac 2 dager siden
14:46 I wheezed so hard out my nose my nasal cynuses opened and my allergies were cured.
Nolan's world
Nolan's world 2 dager siden
So their first solution to the meaning of life is drugs. They don't deserve life in my opinion.
isaiah lafebre
isaiah lafebre 2 dager siden
I counted it she only did fourteen
Games Deen
Games Deen 2 dager siden
There's...somewhat promising research behind mushrooms for depression and a few other psychiatric disorders. For normal people they're just fun. Thank god she can't legally sell them on her website, sorry guys, you'll just have to do it the old fashioned way.
Nolan's world
Nolan's world Dag siden
@Games Deen then again using mushrooms to keep your depression is like using anxiety pills after having a panic attack.
Games Deen
Games Deen Dag siden
@Nolan's world I would do your own research before you go doing mushrooms to cure your depression. I said there's promising research, meaning a few peer reviewed studies, not that mushrooms cure depression lol.
Nolan's world
Nolan's world 2 dager siden
I'm sorry what the ducking quack is wrong with you!
AtlasMinecraft 2 dager siden
Why does Gwyneth Paltrow sound exactly like Savannah Guthrie from the Today show?
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 2 dager siden
We are doomed
DemonGod666 2 dager siden
Alternative name of episode: The goop lab 2: electric "goop"aloo
Let Go
Let Go 2 dager siden
My dude you're sending wrong message with this video, you don't know much about it, and laugh at guy that spent his life mastering this technique and trying to show that to humanity, and thare are many investigations proving all that he's saying
bendyzy 2 dager siden
John: the world hasn't completely lost its mind yet Me: now that one didn't age to well
The game slasher Keel
The game slasher Keel 3 dager siden
25:22 had me laughing for 20 minutes
The game slasher Keel
The game slasher Keel 3 dager siden
25:21 sorry
Luigipotter16 3 dager siden
Jonah Dyer
Jonah Dyer 3 dager siden
Anyone who stores an original famicom like that is on my crappy-people list.
Krieg Commisar
Krieg Commisar 3 dager siden
Anyone Gonna Talk About How Jon Still Has The Yonny #1 Hand Thing
Brayden Hanigan
Brayden Hanigan 3 dager siden
dose anybody else see the box full of his old video games
Pixel Demon
Pixel Demon 3 dager siden
Ah, no sex and boobs on screen, I understand. Policy, you know. But that GUSSY is totally for SCIENCE, so NOTHING is wrong with showing that for an entire EPISODE.
Alien 4 dager siden
How good was the Famicom?
Alien 4 dager siden
Love the tf2 screams.
Rockman fan
Rockman fan 4 dager siden
Can we add goop to the list of biggest scams in America. Right up there with college and insurance
Dark Diddler
Dark Diddler 4 dager siden
They can't even say the name of their company properly. The fuck is "gewp"?
Insert name here
Insert name here 4 dager siden
I absolutely lost it at Episode 2 when watching it on Netflix especially when that Dutch an was making random noises and sounding like he was trying to summon a demon.
Señor Marstón
Señor Marstón 4 dager siden
That medium shit it's outrageous, motherfuckers hahahahhah It's clearly she is just dropping bs and trying to hit the person
exbronco 1980
exbronco 1980 4 dager siden
Kelly Brogan used to be a psychiatrist, she actually went to medical school. her views on Covid notwithstanding, she is a smart woman.
Stormy Boi
Stormy Boi 5 dager siden
Everything here is on mushrooms
The Grim Critic
The Grim Critic 5 dager siden
The Dutchman actually is onto something with what he’s proposing. Humans can accomplish a weird amount of metabolic control just by learning how to breathe and steady your heart rate. Wild stuff when you actually look into it. He’s the one they call “the crazy Dutchman” though. Not the “psychic” girl. Ffs.
Nocturnal Arrow
Nocturnal Arrow 5 dager siden
Giant Mexican Shrek donkey 😆😆😆😆😆
Effi3WasTaken 5 dager siden
"that was my grandfather. he was a giant mexican shrek donkey" that got me
Israel Roze
Israel Roze 5 dager siden
Everything after the Dutch man I had to skip simply because I could feel myself get stupider just watching the clips of the show.🤕
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 5 dager siden
I loved when Gwyneth just absolutely had no idea what the word "trajectory" meant. I've never heard someone misuse a word so badly
6 dager siden
wow they actually make drugs legal
name_not_taken 7 dager siden
Why is no one talking about how Jon burned rolled paper in his basement
GottaStayBreezy 7 dager siden
Woman: Get Sleep Don't Smoke... Me: Didn't you smoke a massive cigar in like, the first episode?
Fazbear Reaper
Fazbear Reaper 7 dager siden
Hellfire is at 25:20
Jaded Jester
Jaded Jester 7 dager siden
Kevin is that dude you NEVER want to trip with lol fuckin I don't even know what anything is anymore
Benjamin Carney
Benjamin Carney 7 dager siden
Those were fake push-ups. They should stay off their knees and bring their arms closer into their bodies. And keep their heads up. Also, 25:12-25:32 is hilarious.
Zoogoo40 8 dager siden
Gwenith doing knee pushups.. Bro.
Insomnia 8 dager siden
jacked in cold ice bacteria
Nick 54,531
Nick 54,531 8 dager siden
At least that psychic wasn't a vampire, or we'd of have to pull out our vile of gems and love
Antonio Bianchia
Antonio Bianchia 8 dager siden
She's so low energy she's actually putting me to sleep
Antonio Bianchia
Antonio Bianchia 8 dager siden
Gwyneth paltrow is by far the weirdest looking Jewish woman I've ever seen. She always looks incredibly high on something too.
Angelique Rose Sclafani
I wonder if Blythe Danner is going to disown her crazy daughter
Horse Knees
Horse Knees 8 dager siden
I do mushrooms casually and I have never layed on the ground or been that out of it
thekingwhohasnub S
thekingwhohasnub S 9 dager siden
They made a joint
Frogger 9 dager siden
I've been carrying this emptiness and lonelyness for 36.... They already says 36? Okay, 39 years now
Dimentio Master of dimensions
5:45 it took me so long to realize he was saying give me your money
alex alvarez
alex alvarez 9 dager siden
25:24 when my teacher keeps going through the PowerPoint faster than I'm able to take notes
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati 9 dager siden
Star Platinum
Star Platinum 9 dager siden
Dan The Watcher
Dan The Watcher 9 dager siden
Took me a whole year to say this " Hakuuuuna Matataaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"
Squire S
Squire S 9 dager siden
26:22 JonTron’s soul being forcibly ejected.
Parrot 9 dager siden
Metalurgent 10 dager siden
Me: listening to music My sister: that songs from toctok Me: 0:54
Николай Ханзо
this is fcking cringe fest
Николай Ханзо
ty for skipping step 3
Николай Ханзо
is this female version of Ashton Kutcher sits by the left hand of Gwyneth?
Николай Ханзо
DR! Brogan
GamingHQ 10 dager siden
3 fucking grams of mushrooms??? Jesus!
Andrew Gutierrez
Andrew Gutierrez 11 dager siden
"Hello? Operator? She lied to us!" He killed me, right at the end of it all.
Logan Chitwood
Logan Chitwood 11 dager siden
The super obvious ego shit Gwyneth inserts to constantly compliment herself is so creepy.
Justified Homicide
Justified Homicide 11 dager siden
The entire series is about denying the existence of the placebo effect..
Mr Crowley
Mr Crowley 11 dager siden
The Last people i want to be on mushrooms around, are all in that hut
Infernus Black
Infernus Black 12 dager siden
This is heart touching _a giant mexican shrek donky
Caker Baby
Caker Baby 12 dager siden
I haven’t laughed this hard in a while omg
Mystic 12 dager siden
So NOsections is really doing 3 ads now
Jean-baptiste Poquelin
Jean-baptiste Poquelin 12 dager siden
4:14 Ashton Kutcher female clone.
JustShay 12 dager siden
Anna a real one
Mr_Kirbo 13 dager siden
Eddie Murphy goes to shrexico sounds like an old NOsections video that everybody would have seen
Gerhardt Ratliff
Gerhardt Ratliff 13 dager siden
TheBaddestLarry 13 dager siden
Holy shit I can't believe I've been missing out on this content for this long. This shit is fucking hilarious 😂
southofheck 14 dager siden
Didn’t that Iceman guy’s brother come out and say he can do the exact same shit without any of the training. I know there was some guy who was like that and it wasn’t proven all that shit he did was because he was a genetic freak of nature and not some zen demigod.
Comedy With TazerFace
Comedy With TazerFace 14 dager siden
worst push up form i've ever seen
Classic Memer
Classic Memer 14 dager siden
Idk why millions watching him but just 6 million subscribed
Mokkes 15 dager siden
Elise Loehnen looks luke Ashton Kutcher.
Philipp Ändern
Philipp Ändern 15 dager siden
I love it that John Tron is the first thing to pop up when doing a search for Goop
TeaInTheMorning4929 15 dager siden
This stuff reminds me of the stuff that the railroad crackhead from fallout 4 gives you when you join.
SecretlyEpically 16 dager siden
"He was a giant Mexican Shrek Donkey" that's fucking hilarious
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith 16 dager siden
this feels like a bouch of gays put into a show just to try to act straight hahahaaa oh jeezzee..
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith 16 dager siden
my brain cells... aaaahhhhh!!!!!! i just died due to goop.... dead...
matthew 16 dager siden
lmao imagine if women were like that old lady poppin her vag out at the first mentioning of it "did you just say vagina??" *AGGRESSIVELY DISPLAYS VAGINA*
Graeme Flynn
Graeme Flynn 17 dager siden
If Tony had some Goop maybe he would of lived after the snap
Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck 17 dager siden
How do people start believing in this alternate medicinal stuff
Freddy Fishton
Freddy Fishton 17 dager siden
15:04 why doesn’t this have more memes???
manmangler 17 dager siden
7 celsius, why so HOT WATER. At least someting 4 or below.... That what we do here Finland as hobby in Winter.... Saw hole on ice and go swimming :)
Kilgorio 17 dager siden
MaJestiC 17 dager siden
anyone who deals in pseudoscience should have any trade franchise revoked based on ethics and misleading people to outright scams. And btw, this is how cults are born.
Cole Wagner
Cole Wagner 17 dager siden
Elise with the save, that’s what I pay you for.😂
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