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Thanks to My.Games for sponsoring today’s video! Warface: Breakout is available on PS4 and Xbox One at 19.99 USD. Check out now: breakout.patron.me/jts . Season 1 is now live for free, introducing Ranked Matches, seasonal challenges, and exclusive cosmetic rewards.


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Jon Jafari - Himself

Jon Jafari - Editor
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Mike Butler - Gaffer/Photography
Lewis Bown - Editor


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19. juni. 2020





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JonTronShow År siden
Thanks to My.Games for sponsoring today’s video! Warface: Breakout is available on PS4 and Xbox One at 19.99 USD. Check out now: breakout.patron.me/jts . Season 1 is now live for free, introducing Ranked Matches, seasonal challenges, and exclusive cosmetic rewards.
Official Sega Genesis
Official Sega Genesis 20 dager siden
Gunwale is pronounced "Gunnul"
Imaginary Furniture
Imaginary Furniture 28 dager siden
If the x button is ever off of the screen, right click on the Taskbar, and select Cascade Windows.
hustlinjustin Måned siden
It was a good game while it lasted.
Roman Pecora
Roman Pecora Måned siden
8:16 the poop deck
Cubix Rohan
Cubix Rohan Måned siden
Yeah how do you do the ak47 spray pattern in console?
rickandmortyfan 649
I wonder what happened to jacque or however it's spelled idk
Elvis Roldan
Elvis Roldan Dag siden
After playing and passing I'm now a proud NH boat license holder
FLAVXer 3 dager siden
What?.....What The F#@!?
Tesseract95 3 dager siden
4:01 is that real
yoshi fries
yoshi fries 3 dager siden
3:03 where is this clip from
Patrik the shitpost man
Is this why the titanic sank?
Paterson Plays
Paterson Plays 5 dager siden
*PC rolls down hill* Terrorists win!
Flare Phenix
Flare Phenix 6 dager siden
… frustrated
crunchy uncle
crunchy uncle 6 dager siden
literally the first 2 and a half minutes are an ad for a game that's boring unless you pay exorbitant amounts of money
Bird Man
Bird Man 6 dager siden
with the time I spend looking for cigarettes I could be working and I'd have enough money to probably get my car back by now or just a new car and a PC as well
Trystan J
Trystan J 8 dager siden
Guey Ch
Guey Ch 9 dager siden
It’s obviously a cazador from big mt
metalgamer 817
metalgamer 817 10 dager siden
I just realized JonTron is the only person I’ve ever seen in New Hampshire.
Madison 11 dager siden
I guess I can drive a boat now....but my brain still remembers the mutants...
Raz Stuchiner
Raz Stuchiner 11 dager siden
Warface breakout sounds like camouflage acne creme for dual purpose cleanse and disguise. Also drive the biggest boat you can find, don't be a wimp and settle for a small boat. Get a huge one.
Alexandra Crofoot
Alexandra Crofoot 12 dager siden
The story writing of the course I took to get my boating license was not nearly this in depth. They were more concerned about me learning which side to pass a green buoy on. No concern for the plot whatsoever.
aendra64 6 dager siden
It's all fun and games until you meet a genetically modified mutant hornet on a haunted island, then how will your "laws" and "safety rules" help you
ALIEMIR DURAN 13 dager siden
Wait a second you have to pay to get a license and to make it legal they disguise it as a oNlInE cOuRsE! That’s a rip-off of Monkey Island!
EnotE18 14 dager siden
0:56 DAMN, I hope that was just its case.
Israel Roze
Israel Roze 14 dager siden
A "pleasing growl?" WTF 😂
kVirulent 14 dager siden
"Don't have to worry about mr money bags.." Original warface: 😰😰😰
Scott Geleas
Scott Geleas 16 dager siden
A famous youtuber in NH!? What county?
goose 17 dager siden
I could of used that computer
Regular Guy
Regular Guy 17 dager siden
Please someone tell me what the music playing during 19:06 is called
SKRAGBOY 18 dager siden
They weren’t fucking kidding when they said “no time minimum”, I live in Canada and the online test I had to take (last night, until 1 am because I didn’t plan properly) not only had significantly worse art, but you had to study for at least 3 hours, and yet I still don’t remember a single thing I learned
marshmallow bean
marshmallow bean 18 dager siden
Is this website legit does johntron actually receive a card
Jake McKillop
Jake McKillop 18 dager siden
Who else actually had to do this?
Footsoljier 20 dager siden
Jon, you could have close Firefox from the taskbar
Official Sega Genesis
Official Sega Genesis 20 dager siden
Troy is such a narc
Parrot Dude
Parrot Dude 21 dag siden
Me at a funeral: "Frustrated"
Landec 24 dager siden
3:00 just get 24.9 horsepower
EvilDoresh 24 dager siden
Can't imagine there _not_ being a dating game with boats, considering the wide world of video games lets you date pidgeons and guns.
Maro Mocs
Maro Mocs 25 dager siden
“All you had to do was follow the damn *BOAT* CJ!”
Frank the diesel102p
Frank the diesel102p 25 dager siden
No one know the original picture of the thumbnail
Dewey40k 25 dager siden
And here is 5k dislikes of people who passed normal boating licence and had to spend lots of money and time to get it and are seeing now some youtuber do it in an hour or 2
mia Connolly
mia Connolly 25 dager siden
I have never been on a boat in New Hamsher before.
Jan Bachtin
Jan Bachtin 26 dager siden
What will be next, CS:GO tournament for gun license?
Tim Cosgrove
Tim Cosgrove 26 dager siden
Say what you will, but this is a piece of training that people will remember.
thet00nedl00n 26 dager siden
Why is Jon the fucking boat from Thomas the Train?
G Perrin
G Perrin 27 dager siden
Issue a fake license for 40 dollars through a fake website knowing you will never get caught because nobody will ever use the license out of fear of being murdered by mutant bees....that's genius.
Mystical Flare
Mystical Flare 27 dager siden
Waiting for the part 2 where Jon goes on the water
Loren Larsen
Loren Larsen 27 dager siden
Shut up, pigeon.
A Simple Poet
A Simple Poet 27 dager siden
Watching this while taking the Michigan boaters exam I started 2 hours ago ✌🏻
James Greensides
James Greensides 27 dager siden
those hornets are futre bear bird gangsters but stupider
VioletJazz 35
VioletJazz 35 27 dager siden
How many cats do you have?
lookoutforchris 28 dager siden
I want to see JonTron get a pistol permit in NYC. The process is hiiiiiiillllarious and the video would take a year 😂
Ciaran Butterly
Ciaran Butterly 28 dager siden
“Gun whale”
Salemander5000 28 dager siden
I felt called out when he added the 5000 to the end of his name..
WankersCramp69 28 dager siden
Student: "So where are we doing this driving test?" Instructor: "In the dark and dangerous woods of Gringlethorn! Where Baron Darkhand has been conducting foul experiments in his castle of doom!" Student: "Oh, of course, silly me"
Darkboarder4 28 dager siden
3:11 Speedo-vision! Sexual innuendo here 8:02 here 8:53 and here 17:06 Meme potential 16:49
Dylan Bellman
Dylan Bellman 28 dager siden
Groningen 29 dager siden
I miss Jacques.
Lord Slive
Lord Slive 29 dager siden
Loool I thought it said "kalk mey" and it was a play on words for kalk ME ,hahahaha that's the first thought that came to mind...like chalk had something to do with water ,I thought it's some boat science I never heard of
Ryan Cormier
Ryan Cormier 29 dager siden
10:52 14:55
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 29 dager siden
Can you send me an extra pc you have sadge
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 29 dager siden
It was so weird watching this cuzwhen I was i was driving on this road from the beginning of the episode lmao
Spaghetti 12 dager siden
It feels… familiar
154 Milind.L
154 Milind.L Måned siden
I wonder who Jane Boater is tho?
That1Connor Måned siden
"Where do I insert my shaft into the boat" A good chunk of the weeb community: "Ah, so you're interested in World War 2 Warships as well"
Abigail Rutledge Shin
I just found this channel and now I've watched 4 videos in a row
And I Oop
And I Oop Måned siden
Please get rid of the Countryman Jon please it hurts, get a Taurus, get a Suburban hybrid even
ダベイビー Måned siden
Is this supposed to teach me boating? I haven’t learned a thing and it sounds like a fanfiction
Riley Ross
Riley Ross Måned siden
Genetic mutation gone wrong murder hornets are after you while you're standed on an island after your boat disappeared, real life simulation
EliPlaysGames Måned siden
bruh i was rewatching and forgot the he had the longest sponsor segway known to man
William Mattresson
William Mattresson Måned siden
So we're not gonna talk about the fact that jon has a cat?
Jonathan Fischer
Jonathan Fischer Måned siden
Well hell, I have a Class A, C, D and M might as well do this too and get a Class... boat...
Peppermint Nightmare
Yeah, why not? Lets rewatch some old Jonathan Tronathan videos since he won't upload again for another 6 to 14 months. Luv yew, Jon boi,
jackson stolz
jackson stolz Måned siden
This video genuinely insipred me to get my boating license
David Neal
David Neal Måned siden
JonTron, why is my cat at the beginning of your video? I need answers!
123 Måned siden
That super mario waterworld music. Hate that map of all my heart !!!
Gundam Zeta
Gundam Zeta Måned siden
Wait it’s that’s easy I’m going to go on new grounds and find a scooby doo flash game that takes place at a military base so i can become qualified to drive a tank!
Polymorphic Black Steve
I guess we call him captain Jon Tron now
Toadless T
Toadless T Måned siden
im like 14 already had like 8weeks ona boat
Hamed Heccedentesiast
The cost of that pc, can save my life
Darkangel678 345
Darkangel678 345 Måned siden
If I ever saw Jon driving a boat, I would be very concerned for my safety
Nameer PK 2021
Nameer PK 2021 Måned siden
Holy grail right here, nowhere else...
Valmutt Måned siden
>John Tron is a New Hampshire Chad, So when we gonna go shooting innawoods ?
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat Måned siden
Once upon a time we decided to go narrow boating, they're 59 feet long, 6 feet wide _(narrow)_ and you go on a canal. No licence No training 40 tons of boat that is also a house You steer a house And they just gave it to us, for a week My initial thoughts were: _"ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING BOAT THAT'S ALSO A HOUSE I CAN'T DRIVE A HOUSE"_
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat Måned siden
On a real note: Canal locks are dangerous as fuck Do not run near them If you fall in while operating one, you die horribly The whole hobby is very safe if you follow the rules, I recommend literally everybody has a narrowboat holiday it's the most relaxing thing ever bar none.
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat Måned siden
The reason we were nervous is we were sent the little book on how to boat It had warning symbols, like: Boat on fire Boat sunk, upside down Legs/limbs crushed Then, it would have a scenario and the consequences "Don't do X" Consequence: Upside down at the bottom of a lock while on fire with crushed limbs
bri Måned siden
this is the closest thing we're getting to modern jontron videogame reviews
the king of the fat
the king of the fat Måned siden
you know if spongebob had to play this game to get his boating license then he wouldn't constantly be crashing into things and driving mrs puff insane.
Robozard the Non-robotic Charizard
Saw the boat in half
Sargent R-L3
Sargent R-L3 Måned siden
When he said it came out yesterday watched this on June 18th 2021 i laughed saying to my self no it came out today
Brimstone Måned siden
You really "tried" to go all out during the ad at the begining. But you didnt acually .... Yknow... Go all out. It rolled down the soft hill. And that was the punchline. Im just sayin i may have acually laughed my ass off if you dropped it off a cliff or something
MuderChickenBlue Måned siden
A year later and this is the one and only time I've heard a mention of that warface game.
DuckFan55 Måned siden
18:48 that actually freaked me out
Cephalopod1112 Måned siden
Anyone else catch that Jon said nambla instead of nasbla? WRONG ORGANIZATION, buddy.
Nicholas Webster
Nicholas Webster Måned siden
That PC is the same one I have
EthanTheGuy Måned siden
He never came back to this.
Jacob Awsum
Jacob Awsum Måned siden
Jontron has a cat now?
Diego Beltran
Diego Beltran Måned siden
Can I just say, it is genuinely mind boggling that you can become an ordained minister, get a boating license and even start up a whole new fucking religion online. We've been given a /lot/ of power as humans.
LVBBoi Måned siden
This is one of the _l o n g e s t_ *W I D E S T* boats in here" The sequel "Look at the *_SIZE_* of these trees!!!" Horny devs
Headless Creator
Headless Creator Måned siden
This makes me happy knowing you were in NH, my home state. Hope you had a great time! Live free or die!
Funny Bone
Funny Bone Måned siden
I’m sorry, but if you asked me what words would be a in quiz, or a test, to get your boating license Hunt-and-Kill instinct would not be something I would think of
Joey Neal
Joey Neal Måned siden
I wanna know what the fuck he had to bleep out...if he didnt bleep out the word cunt
Ampher2112 Måned siden
Just took this test. Had to come back and watch this to compare
Some random Shmuck 1122
2:17 The face of a handsome man
Zain Barbeque
Zain Barbeque Måned siden
You know a game is bad when the only reason to buy it is because you don't have the hardware to run the better free alternative.
The Cooldog
The Cooldog Måned siden
I guess this explains the Evergiven.
TXF Måned siden
I love how the ACTUAL SPONSERED AD for Warface Breakout is just "Hey, wanna play a knockoff counterstrike for consoles? play this."
psyachu Måned siden
I've been watching some of these more recent videos and I just realized Jac isn't in them. I think a nightmare just came to fruition....
jack rosado
jack rosado Måned siden
This is LITERALLY what online college education during covid was like
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