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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer



7. juni. 2021





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5Y421 3 minutter siden
Jon's probably one of those few NOsectionsrs whom I could just rewatch the same videos everyday and I still would enjoy them. I know you'd probably never read this, but thanks so much Jon. I've been going through a rough time and your videos have really made my days better. Stay safe Jon!
Lillyanimates 7 timer siden
" CARROT APPLE JUICE." *Hey we can make a religion ou of this*
yeflynne dktne
yeflynne dktne 10 timer siden
I thought he drowned
Donkey Butt
Donkey Butt 10 timer siden
I thought that Jack lalane guy was the juice master?
funmen Powell
funmen Powell 10 timer siden
88-60 is 28 this women dont know math
Aust1nWasTaken 12 timer siden
Anyone gonna talk about the fact that he is sponsored by raid?
Vincent aka tickle
Vincent aka tickle 16 timer siden
It’s like Christmas when Jon uploads...only comes once a year
Hepatitis F
Hepatitis F Dag siden
I love the fact that that Nintendo power article had some actual detail put into making it look legit
gabriel pagonis
gabriel pagonis Dag siden
Graham devries
Graham devries Dag siden
this man is my dad
heIIohowareyoutoday 23 timer siden
For real?
Joe Dag siden
The Best!
SirInconsistent Dag siden
13:26 that took a dark turn.
Yharr Dag siden
4:20 I'm not sure if that was scripted or not
CerebralAilment Dag siden
Man the Mario64 sound track at the end really brings me back.
övö Dag siden
Check out the side profile on Kordich's eyebrows, that is impressive.
zoie brown
zoie brown 2 dager siden
My mom once preached this diet to me, knowing full well I’m severely allergic to citric acid and crap
Dominic Ghirardi
Dominic Ghirardi 2 dager siden
Jayis said to have died due to breathing problems. Idk "breathing problems" sounds like a vague term for some illness
User 1
User 1 2 dager siden
We must ask ourselves, "Are we not all but mere lemons being squeezed by the unrelenting grip of life as we await the sweet release of death?" jk it's juice or nothin'
infinitech industries
infinitech industries 2 dager siden
This video genuinely made me want to buy a juicer
Justas 2 dager siden
Juice Daddy
Max Abbott
Max Abbott 3 dager siden
Not a religion, Jon, a cult
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 3 dager siden
Lol i remember my dad used to make us drink his carrot juice... it tasted awful, id rather just eat carrots.
Tomfoollemon71 3 dager siden
13:01 bruh that had me laughing
K&E Construction
K&E Construction 3 dager siden
I swear he only uploads when his backpay of rent runs out and his landlord starts knocking on the door
angelfox123456 3 dager siden
Although there's nothing wrong with drinking fresh vegetable or fruit juices, it should be known that it's not really the most effective way to get the most nutrients from them. Juices lack the fiber content of whole fruits and vegetables, and they actually lose a percentage of the phytonutrients that Kordich talks about during the juicing process. But most of all: consuming only the juice actually increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
Piera Galvin
Piera Galvin 4 dager siden
You may jest, but Jay Kordich helped many people and still is. Think about it!
dinoman 4 dager siden
ITS RAID 0:10 >:[
TeamMachine 4 dager siden
I don’t get it. By juicing a carrot, you’re just changing the form. It’s not even being cooked. How can it possibly be any different from eating the carrot raw?
Señor Marstón
Señor Marstón 4 dager siden
"Explaining was getting hard, people were starting to make questions..."
nkjnick 5 dager siden
this is funny, but the man is dead. mocking his death before the age of 100 is in bad taste, regardless of his folly. I don't mean to virtue signal, but he was a husband and a father.
Raz Stuchiner
Raz Stuchiner 4 dager siden
He probably had a sense of humor and knows johntron only means well 93-4 is a great age and im sure the juice was beneficial that's what makes this presentation funny (because it's oddly true)
Stormy Boi
Stormy Boi 5 dager siden
Jonny Tron
strikerdoc _420
strikerdoc _420 5 dager siden
When you almost did the thing with the needle it scared me and my mom.
Ted Hall
Ted Hall 5 dager siden
Ya cd c dez nuts
Ted Hall
Ted Hall 5 dager siden
He's from juice world
Bea Williams
Bea Williams 5 dager siden
He the juice daddy
Senzu 5 dager siden
man this is some dark humor asking for a refund because he died 6 years off 100
MTF Samsara (Hasan)
MTF Samsara (Hasan) 5 dager siden
Did John Tron just make fun of a dead guy for a little shy of 20 minutes and we just sat here like.... Yup.... Thats John... we love him this way
77Pictures 6 dager siden
Bring it back home with a zing.
Wagwan_yt 6 dager siden
Hard-E Productions
Hard-E Productions 6 dager siden
What's the ending song?
Gerardo Pacheco
Gerardo Pacheco 6 dager siden
we need a full hour video with the jontron doll just swimming in the river with the mario song
MetalMario1231 8 dager siden
it's pretty good to go from well shit guess im dead at 20...to living another 70 years...guess i better drink some juice
MetalMario1231 8 dager siden
at least its not jilly juice
Isko G.
Isko G. 8 dager siden
He doesn't even look like a real old person, he looks more like someone with special effects make up on to appear older.
Ares Busch
Ares Busch 8 dager siden
Johntron: did anyone time that? Me: Ye it was 2.5 seconds.
Angelique Rose Sclafani
I’m chugging a V8 while watching this
WolfBeans yt
WolfBeans yt 8 dager siden
0:08 nooooo not you to jon
nival fred
nival fred 8 dager siden
12-14 glasses of juice?I'm surprised he's not dead from vitamin poisoning 😂😂
MAG8383 8 dager siden
Huh I saw at 15:16 my area code 715, baby from Wisconsin juice it!
Michael Carvajal
Michael Carvajal 9 dager siden
imma buy a juicer
Miss. 9 dager siden
Tao’Tao’Mona 75_6
Tao’Tao’Mona 75_6 9 dager siden
Are you tired of getting tired? Lmao
Eduardo Thompson
Eduardo Thompson 9 dager siden
The “why don’t you fucking take over” legitimately made me cry laugh for 5 mins. Thanks for making this vid man, made my day
Lettuce Mcgrims
Lettuce Mcgrims 9 dager siden
that f-ing splat at the end. lol.
Bulcsú Lovász
Bulcsú Lovász 9 dager siden
Terri: Do you drink it? Jay: You make it... *Jon interrupting* : ...incredibly hard to do this job terri, DO I DRINK IT?!
Mike The H
Mike The H 9 dager siden
He actually died at 93
KirbyKid Johnson
KirbyKid Johnson 9 dager siden
I actually timed that pouring juice scene. Took about 2 seconds.
Logan Crabtree
Logan Crabtree 9 dager siden
I got 4.03 seconds if you start when he opens the lid
Pheto 10 dager siden
6:59 "Jake, you should have watched the thing. You had a thing on this" Omg I can't stop laughing 🤣😂
Broccoli Nyu
Broccoli Nyu 10 dager siden
Saitama: I got this strength from doing 100 situps, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and 10km of running! Jay Kordich: Hold my juice!
Large Sprite
Large Sprite 10 dager siden
Funfact that gun was actually real Jon is actually an avid gun enthusiast.
ChronoTriggerNu 10 dager siden
Let's juice..? Let's juice!
Issac Gandero
Issac Gandero 10 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about how the lady in the top right corner at 11:21 looks like a corpse?
Asylum Plays
Asylum Plays 10 dager siden
5:44 had me dead
Zero 10 dager siden
"ever since I've been juicing" > "ever since I started steroids"
Dino the Dragon Goddess
That deserves a subscribe
Bleepus Bongwater
Bleepus Bongwater 10 dager siden
Jon unknowingly holds the record for fastest carrot juice glass fill any% speedrun. amazing
Janik Hüppeler
Janik Hüppeler 10 dager siden
A damn, guess my mom should have drank more apple juice back in the day.
Adromea 10 dager siden
who the fuck just drinks carrot juice
Jamie Fewer
Jamie Fewer 11 dager siden
Anyone notice how in the advert from like the early 2000’s is said he was 88 and yet he died in 2017 at 94?
James. 11 dager siden
9:53, so I timed jontron’s super fast method of pouring carrot juice into a glass and it’s a good 4 seconds 50 milliseconds
Andrew quigley
Andrew quigley 11 dager siden
Who let this guy be on tv with those eyebrows
Lukas Guth
Lukas Guth 11 dager siden
13:33 damn Jon why you deep throating that gun eh?
runnermeme 11 dager siden
Seeing that jim carrey clip makes me wonder how well he could act as the joker
Sai Eesha Mopuri
Sai Eesha Mopuri 11 dager siden
Wade Marley
Wade Marley 11 dager siden
I was dead for billions of years as the universe moved on before I was born and I suffered not once because of it, and I had no concept of anything until I biologically turned “3-4 earth years old” So I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of suffering in life, at any point, in health or before death.
GamerZero 12 dager siden
Avoid the noid
ƬΉΣ BΣΉΣΛDΣD 12 dager siden
Two jokes of Jon killing himself. And a Raid Shadow Legends sponsor. I think he's being held hostage.
YoteyYotey 12 dager siden
I didn't know who this "juicing man" was until I heard "are you tired of being sick and tired" and then the memories were flowing back.
Gala xy
Gala xy 12 dager siden
5:45 this bit had me dying
Chris Andrew
Chris Andrew 12 dager siden
This sounds like pulp fiction to me
Seán Elkins
Seán Elkins 12 dager siden
2:07 "I guess he was well known back in the day." "So, let’s not delay." "Okay?" "We’ve got a real gem for you today." I'm picking up a Happy Gilmore vibe.
Drunken Action Figure Unboxing
Shit, at 88 jay looked better than Harrison Ford at 78. Ford looks 200 years old. Maybe Indy should be juicing!
Roosevelt Brentwood
Roosevelt Brentwood 13 dager siden
Damn a thought this was gona be Jack Lalaine
Doracir 13 dager siden
17:12 Jesus christ Johntron just got jamestowned !!! 😢 R.I.P “ at least he got the master juicing certificate “
Onesowndemon 13 dager siden
sorry john my OCD means i have to play the entire campaign with only 2 champs to get full stars
DARTH KOMODO 13 dager siden
JYG Productions
JYG Productions 13 dager siden
2:10 bars!
TheFruitMugger 13 dager siden
5:13 Easy there, Mitch Hedberg
Will Goodall
Will Goodall 13 dager siden
That gun would've been more effective if you'd juiced it
polylith symposium
polylith symposium 13 dager siden
For real, though, Jay really did look healthy up to the end. Man was ten times more active than other people his age. Could've shaved his eyebrows though.
Gabriel Velez
Gabriel Velez 13 dager siden
Christian Mohammed
Christian Mohammed 13 dager siden
So why do we just not eat the carrots and apple though.
Umbra Highwind
Umbra Highwind 14 dager siden
Jontron you need to take all the funny crud in commercials you've seen and make your own horrible commercial.
Mark 14 dager siden
jon’s videos are so good that my brain tries to forget them so i can rewatch them
Elizabeth Northup
Elizabeth Northup 14 dager siden
I swear people must be getting forced to sponsor shadow legends
NIkki 14 dager siden
The man looks like joe biden but the juice version
Daniel Bochner
Daniel Bochner 14 dager siden
"Every hour on the hour"💀💀💀
Dubble Dose
Dubble Dose 14 dager siden
three raid ads back to back
mrxlo _
mrxlo _ 14 dager siden
Lets take a moment to appriecate that Jpn is making fun of a dead man
Raz Stuchiner
Raz Stuchiner 14 dager siden
LaxurasX 14 dager siden
17:42 full of wholesomeness
"What does this say?"
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Foodfight! - JonTron
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Disney Bootlegs - JonTron
"What does this say?"
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