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19. mai. 2020





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JonTronShow År siden
Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > ridge.com/JONTRON
Jebadia_Mimes 11 dager siden
Just sounds like you stolr the companys wallet
Jack Stander
Jack Stander Måned siden
TBH dude i was feeling HELLA SORRY for Jimmy till i heard how easy it was! xD It was like a friggen holiday camp!! xD xD Jimmy why?
ryublueblanka Måned siden
@BLUESCREEN jokes on you times ten!!!
BLUESCREEN Måned siden
Jokes on you I bought an off brand one that works just as well and was cheaper
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore Måned siden
I were laws broken I think they might just have bin LOL
AtlasFrog 20 timer siden
Kid Nation is the IRL equivalent of Total Drama
Chewable Trent
Chewable Trent Dag siden
Jimmy could play Tom Holland playing Nathan Drake
Lily Harris
Lily Harris 2 dager siden
Legend says he never got his big mac
MercenaryToaster 2 dager siden
“This. It was, this was the, the worst day. *pause* in three years.” - that one kid
Señor Marstón
Señor Marstón 3 dager siden
What the fuck happened 3 years ago with that kid?? Biggest mystery on tv
snowflake3608 4 dager siden
I love how Jon uses the crank motion when he’s mining the camera. ‘Cameras still have cranks right?’ lol
Ethan Hostetler
Ethan Hostetler 4 dager siden
... what was the first five minutes of this vid?
Finley Chmielewski
Finley Chmielewski 4 dager siden
He did not scream
depressedskeleton ;-;
depressedskeleton ;-; 4 dager siden
So in a nutshell, a production crew who just want views and money ruined most of the children’s dreams, like Jimmy’s dream to probably be a actor, ruining his chance to have a better life Edit: So in a nutshell, Jonathan Karsh made Kid Nation just to make money. And before Jimmy went there, he was a confident kid who wanted to be a actor, but Kid Nation clearly ruined his dream and probably traumatised him. And when it got shutdown presumably by a lawsuit, they tried to bribe Jimmy by giving him the DVD and the Star.
Joseph 2hd RL
Joseph 2hd RL 5 dager siden
He should of done it with the kid who had something bad 3 years ago.
Jane Louise Ellis
Jane Louise Ellis 5 dager siden
i went to summer camp (and experienced some horrible outhouses) as a kid and once had Jimmy’s experience with the poop tower. i ran out- horrified - to piss in the woods and got reprimanded by my camp counselor for leaving camp without permission. there’s a very specific type of therapy Jimmy and i need, but i don’t know what it’s called or where to find it
pvp. Gladiator
pvp. Gladiator 6 dager siden
aaaa shit man aa to good 🤣
Aaron Bedick
Aaron Bedick 6 dager siden
Wonder why he said sorry to PETA I mean would it "Kill" to have some meat?
TheDamienwashere 7 dager siden
Older Jimmy is kinda cute.
The White Picket Fence
ok but jimmy is genuinely adorable when he smiles he's really cute
EnotE18 9 dager siden
Fluffy Zombie
Fluffy Zombie 10 dager siden
Jimmy having been struck by misfortune's past forged a new future for himself, fighting to save his fellow man. Be like jimmy
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater
sounds like a normal scout camp...
Dysfunctional Caramel
Dysfunctional Caramel 11 dager siden
Lego Batman
Lego Batman 12 dager siden
My name is John an4 I had sax with my mother
Traitor Burnin' Sherman
raccoom 9 dager siden
yo me to bro me too
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan 14 dager siden
Jon has great chemistry as an interviewer, would definitely be interested to see more content with other characters
Ezra Cleveland
Ezra Cleveland 14 dager siden
The government to the US people with stimulus checks 24:23
BananaPepper23 15 dager siden
Buffalo Nickels are real
Robert Swartz
Robert Swartz 15 dager siden
The man... The myth... The legend... Jimmy * 8 (now 21) New Hampshire
Nkanyiso Nqashi
Nkanyiso Nqashi 16 dager siden
Imagine He Was Still 8 Yrs Old
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith 16 dager siden
yo jontron i want you to make a series of a show for yourself as well movies. i know your doing a show but i mean a legit show for your character i love how funny you get when you make your shit!! keep it up man! =D
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith 16 dager siden
i want you both to ask the tv producer's to make a show about kids actually going on a full blown out fun and non dangerous adventures!! make it a series!!!
Oz Yekutiely
Oz Yekutiely 17 dager siden
Jimmy looks like a cool guy
Haydo at Dawn
Haydo at Dawn 17 dager siden
“I made it” -jimmy
Uhhlawnzoe 17 dager siden
He's spilling the b e a n s
Mike Jr 77
Mike Jr 77 18 dager siden
"Kid Nation" Jon: SHIT
The Humen Thing
The Humen Thing 18 dager siden
“My memory’s a bit foggy,” *describes the experience with a surprising amount of detail and legitimacy*
Harvey Quinn
Harvey Quinn 18 dager siden
Got more respect for the show knowing the kids actually had to cook their own food instead of being fed behind the scenes
kritter 18 dager siden
jon can you please get more of the kids from the show on i really enjoy this.
Voxicore 18 dager siden
This is legit one of the best things I've seen. Jimmy is such a fucking dude. Good on him man.
Pepijn 15
Pepijn 15 19 dager siden
This feels like a reallife Hunger Games. The only difference is that you don’t have to kill each other.
Plagued Doctors
Plagued Doctors 19 dager siden
He looked depressed when the star he was getting came outta the printer
Isaac 20 dager siden
I would love to go to bonanza city and see signs saying "in memory of Jared or Jimmy" by the way we never got to know what happened to Jared three years ago...
Frogger 20 dager siden
Wow Jon really isn't that funny
Frogger 9 dager siden
@raccoom 🤦‍♂️
raccoom 9 dager siden
yeah man I do that too
Echo 21 dag siden
Candy X
Candy X 21 dag siden
i’m in love w jimmy
Mopey TV
Mopey TV 21 dag siden
“You’re a nice guy, anyone every told you that before?” “No” *Dead silence*
Risky Business
Risky Business 21 dag siden
I am spanking off mine poonis onn the drug also I am approval this drug whilst I sob on the drg whilst sobbing
Wes' TECH 22 dager siden
Oh, I remember this show. In the end, it failed. SPOILER ALERT.
jake ladd
jake ladd 22 dager siden
“This has been a pretty shitty experience” lmfao
5318oo8 22 dager siden
cant wait to come to the realisation that the kids were paid with soda and ice cream
JOJO'S CAT 22 dager siden
Plot twist: jimmy is dead and this is just an actor to cover up his death.
GhostMiner 22 dager siden
*_It should have been named_* *_K I D N A P T I O N_*
Evan Foster
Evan Foster 23 dager siden
this is like the Eric Andre show except they ask important questions
SuperPringleMan64 23 dager siden
The power of jimmy
EDWARD DENIS 24 dager siden
17:47 I can relate to this. I was 18 in Army basic Training and the "Porta-Potty" outhouses we had at a particular training site were all filled to the rim. Literally if you sit it would touch you. I went the next 7 days without using the bathroom and didn't feel any discomfort. I just didn't need to go until we left that site.
The Fuzz
The Fuzz 24 dager siden
Am I gonna be the only one to comment they look like brothers?
I don't know yet ?
I don't know yet ? 24 dager siden
Petition to let Jontron and Jimmy start a talk show with the Kid Nation people as guests
billy saunders
billy saunders 24 dager siden
The miniature gold morphometrically poke because cousin regionally slow athwart a shrill farm. fat faulty, tightfisted crocodile
g.gustafson1 24 dager siden
Umbra Highwind
Umbra Highwind 25 dager siden
Absolutely love this
Design Creators
Design Creators 25 dager siden
Finally a useful sponsor. Better than others of course
The Legendary Reuben Sandwich
I wonder if anyone from Kid Nation has seen any of Jon’s vids…
The Legendary Reuben Sandwich
@Re!gn Huh…
Re!gn 25 dager siden
Laurel has a NOsections channel and she said that she actually reached out to Jon for an interview but he never responded lol
Cyril ViXP
Cyril ViXP 25 dager siden
Oh, he’s so handsome! I wish him good luck!
MavroDog 26 dager siden
Is this scripted because he looks very embarrassed
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 26 dager siden
No offense, but he interrupted him a lot
kevster rrr
kevster rrr 26 dager siden
Where tf did the beans go
LeoGio 26 dager siden
The beans killed me
Age of Agency 7
Age of Agency 7 27 dager siden
13:40 🥺🥺🥺
Flying Pig Productions
Flying Pig Productions 27 dager siden
Damn, Jimmy really glowed up 😳
Juan Miguel Sanchez
Juan Miguel Sanchez 27 dager siden
What a dude
Rene the casual
Rene the casual 27 dager siden
Kinda like BCT
Jason Scholl
Jason Scholl 27 dager siden
I wanna see the kids from the KN show make a new show w the same producers and staff today but w the roles reversed.
Jason Scholl
Jason Scholl 27 dager siden
"It was kind of a tower" hahaha! A tower of child poop! What the hell kind of idea was Kid Nation anyway??!!
Mist 27 dager siden
Holy shit jimmy is so handsome and charismatic
knatspray 28 dager siden
He may have survived Kid Nation, but did not survive Jontron
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon 28 dager siden
I swear to god with everyday that passes jon becomes more unhinged
Creepy Kittah
Creepy Kittah 28 dager siden
no ob
no ob 28 dager siden
Maguc •
Maguc • 29 dager siden
Jimmy can cure cancer but he'll still always be Jimmy, 8, from Kid Nation for ever
Marcello 29 dager siden
24:05 his face. His face is the funniest part of the episode.
First Last
First Last Måned siden
it's actually not uncommon for kids to hold it until constipation when at summer camp. We knew kids who every year would go to the doctor after coming back from summer camp because of shy bowels. Parents were not amused.
amelia Måned siden
despite Jon saying he’s not an interviewer, it’s the only interview that is comfortable to watch and isn’t unbearably awkward
Coolius Jeezer
Coolius Jeezer Måned siden
“Sometimes, when a man poops in the outhouse, the outhouse poops back” - Jimmy, 8
shartn's fun!
shartn's fun! Måned siden
They should totally remake kid nation, but right this time. Tell everybody what's going on from the beginning, get kids who know a bit about survival (scouts, girl guides ect...), have adults follow them around 24/7 and give advice if needed. Most of all: LET THEM LEAVE AT ANY TIME!!!
TheT F
TheT F Måned siden
It’s funny Jon being worried about Covid but being fat AF gonna be what really takes him out
Andres Atlasguy tinyproductions
25:27 25:27 “Yeah dude I’m gonna kill you for real”
DracoHandsome Måned siden
Parents had to sign a _twenty-two page waiver_ protecting the studio from all the harm that was likely to befall the children. The girl who got burned was Divad Miles. Her mother couldn't sue due to the waiver, so she "filed a complaint" instead. New Mexico tried to prosecute CBS, but CBS kept evading them on everything with highly advanced legal gymnastics, bouncing back and forth between whether the kids were laborers, summer camp attendees, paid actors, etc. One child _straight-up drank from a bottle of bleach_ mistaking it for a bottle of seltzer water. Fortunately, medical staff were like fifteen feet away and moved in instantly, the kid was fine. I don't know if Jimmy is mistaken or if this happened in addition to contaminating the drinking glasses.
Vincent crown
Vincent crown Måned siden
I love John Tron‘s over exaggeration of needing to sanitize everything.
Jaden Lorenzo
Jaden Lorenzo Måned siden
When I drop the baby and my wife isn't near 2:03
Gabbi Måned siden
Jimmy is actually really cute. Like, just look at him!
Jaketheaxman Måned siden
I was so surprised to find out that jimmy was no longer 8
Odle Scaboodle
Odle Scaboodle Måned siden
Jon yelling “OH SHIT” fucking killed me
Alea Boyd
Alea Boyd Måned siden
21:20 best part
PAY R3SPECTS Måned siden
jimmy didnt leave the show on an airplane, the king J Karsh made him crawl through the desert all the way to New Hampshire.
Adam Killeen
Adam Killeen Måned siden
I looked it up and found this Though CBS denies any wrongdoing and has said that the making of the show did not violate any laws, some "Kid Nation" participants -- all of whom were between the ages of 8 and 15 -- were injured during the course of the filming, according to news reports.
Sol Gladio
Sol Gladio Måned siden
This is like the third time I've watched this one since it dropped, and I still can't control my laughter. The two of you have such a great dynamic.
Twig Måned siden
yeah my memory is a little fuzzy but I think they let us consume bleach
Elspeth Badertscher
Elspeth Badertscher Måned siden
All time favorite interview of any category... :)
StoneysWorkshop Måned siden
rofl this is so wholesome
Sup 5
Sup 5 Måned siden
The untold stories of kid nation
Jim Black
Jim Black Måned siden
Jimmy needs to release those episodes. Early 2000's reality gold.
Siman Aken
Siman Aken Måned siden
i feel like you were really trying to find problems with the show...Jimmy's assessment seems like the show was ok..even from an 8 year olds perspective.
Oinkers Bacon
Oinkers Bacon Måned siden
Jimmy brought up that the kids drank bleach, not Jon.
Wira Måned siden
I always think that all reality/talent shows are fake until proven otherwise, but when it gets proven otherwise, shit's got really scary