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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer
Maria Alexandria - Special Effects/Makeup
Charlotte Jafari - Production Assistant



27. april. 2021





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randimation 4 timer siden
That Skyrim bit made the hiatus worth it
qwuffle 12 timer siden
how do they know i live in springfield
Evan Selby
Evan Selby 12 timer siden
makes Old people noises
papiyankee11 14 timer siden
EDP445 after inviting Miniladd to a Discord Fans Meetup 0:18
L3 K0
L3 K0 17 timer siden
John and his scoped nail clippers are the reason why mundane items are forbidden on planes. He never misses!!
Alijah Murphy
Alijah Murphy 19 timer siden
Neurons start to rot sounds like a death metal song.
Brodie Waldrop
Brodie Waldrop 21 time siden
I thought the face mask failed and the carpetbagger saw it in the museum of fails....cuz it burned people..
Brodie Waldrop
Brodie Waldrop 21 time siden
Also that robot will eventually rule the old peoples lives as a tin can dictator...you will all dance to spotify music...and take your meds or rudy will become..Rude
jahumo Dag siden
Is he still raclst?
Myamdane 22 timer siden
Yes, but his fans still defend it
Winter Mute
Winter Mute Dag siden
10:34 is actually a much more intelligent joke than it appears, I die laughing every time
exemida Dag siden
So we gonna start calling toilet paper comfort wipe now?
Monkee Toe
Monkee Toe 2 dager siden
Oh good he’s still alive
MattisticStatistic 2 dager siden
jon how many times are you going to leave to get milk
iGamerPro YT
iGamerPro YT 2 dager siden
15:10 he resonates that "hold my shit, bitch" kind of vibe
Isabelle Deagostino
Isabelle Deagostino 2 dager siden
I crumple my toilet paper up in balls
Norah Pines
Norah Pines 3 dager siden
She acts like that gold-plated point mask wouldn't immediately springlock you if it was a full headpiece
Stephane Angel
Stephane Angel 3 dager siden
9:35 I literally jumped
Mister Unknown
Mister Unknown 3 dager siden
Have anyone saw I Win board at the background at the beginning
Quinn Balfour
Quinn Balfour 3 dager siden
BlaizeTheDragon 4 dager siden
Pretty sure they could make a Dr who episode on that mask
alastor 4 dager siden
John Felicia Co.
John Felicia Co. 4 dager siden
Every JonTron video I laugh my ass off but damn this one got me
AlexKirk1234 4 dager siden
"Okay, now you have my attention" literally the best part of this video
NOOBDAY GAMERS 5 dager siden
11:37 Dude just paint the wires silver and put the remote part in a pocket and you gotta budget Jason voorhees cosplay
Iron Stag
Iron Stag 5 dager siden
The robot was like a doctor who villan
Idk what is imp YT :))
make more memes
MiniShmoe 5 dager siden
Why is Jontron's cane fu accurately similar to the guys.
Yagami-Chan 5 dager siden
12:40 Don't mind me. It's just a quick replay button!
Señor Marstón
Señor Marstón 5 dager siden
7:29 It kills me that he got the goddamn item righ under his couch hahahaha
JOKER MAIN 5 dager siden
The nail clipper one was weapon customisation in every fps game
aly tunic
aly tunic 6 dager siden
Jason's grandma. 😂
Dee McGann
Dee McGann 6 dager siden
That Skyrim reference was phenomenal
Joseph Klenczar
Joseph Klenczar 6 dager siden
That mask seems like something from local 58
rsoBr2Game 6 dager siden
Just Ray
Just Ray 6 dager siden
Ahh further proof of how useless the UN really is.
Jose L. Rivero Velez
Jose L. Rivero Velez 6 dager siden
6:50 Y'know, the ANCIENT ROMANS had something similar to this. These people are _almost_ copying off a civilization that died centuries ago. Not plagiarism cuz Roman patents (if they had any) wouldn't have lasted this long.
marco aurelio
marco aurelio 7 dager siden
put this part on jimmys you laugh you lose pls 14:37
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales 7 dager siden
I laughed way too much for the toilet paper gag.
Samuel 7 dager siden
Glad this dude left game grumps so we get good, high quality content :)
Mud The FireFly
Mud The FireFly 7 dager siden
Jontron! Your alive! I thought u left us...
Alexander Giovannelli
Alexander Giovannelli 7 dager siden
I’m so glad he’s back it makes me laugh again
Frosty 8 dager siden
He turned into a white Roze skin
Guy LeDouche
Guy LeDouche 8 dager siden
Yes John. You scrunch. People that fold are likely to get poo poo on their hands at least once in their life.
Nathan Doran
Nathan Doran 8 dager siden
6:34 sadly me
Guy LeDouche
Guy LeDouche 8 dager siden
Ahhhhhhhhhh....so it's a speaker? Amazing
Szabolcs Ádor
Szabolcs Ádor 8 dager siden
finally i got where the new suicideboys cover comes from
Tim Purcell
Tim Purcell 9 dager siden
I laughed till I cried over comfort wipe.
Dimentio Master of dimensions
10:35 I want to give something to someone and nonchalantly say there is no uranium in this
The Netherlord
The Netherlord 9 dager siden
I’m more concerned about Jon having an acog, and possibly a gun. This is the guy who put flex tape on his anus everyone. He has a gun
Xap Ete
Xap Ete 9 dager siden
They should’ve made Rudy look like R2D2 then he would be ten times less creepy and I would want one Ru2dy2
Just some random pigeon
I can't believe that robot was once within 50 miles of me. I feel dirtier...
Enchanted Boss
Enchanted Boss 9 dager siden
The mask looks like a saw trap
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 9 dager siden
BB-8 is adorable
Asgardian Queen 1014
Asgardian Queen 1014 9 dager siden
When I get old, I don't want a robot, unless It's BB-8.
Brett Fenderson
Brett Fenderson 9 dager siden
Now we need jontron to review the most bizarre kpop music videos 😂 My recommendation is "Vegetable" by Norazo!
Larry And Mona
Larry And Mona 10 dager siden
There is now flex seal max plz do a video on it
The Gospel of the fallen angels.
At least they look beautiful with the mask on.
Dave 10 dager siden
GeekGamesStudios 11 dager siden
6:44 that's a meme
Jackson Kelso
Jackson Kelso 11 dager siden
Why does that girl in the face mask video look like a fem bot from Austin Powers?… or is that just me?
Goblin Tacos
Goblin Tacos 11 dager siden
These videos are so hilarious, please never stop these!
Jay Carden
Jay Carden 11 dager siden
He lives
ALIEMIR DURAN 11 dager siden
I i might of choked by eating and laughing but you can’t prove it. So go away cause i did NOT choke this yufka does NOT have choking hazards.
LazerKing 5000
LazerKing 5000 11 dager siden
Mr Cane Fu: Taking her... child! JonTron: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?! It's a beautiful moment from an amazing youtuber.
RandomFlareon 11 dager siden
14:07 I can’t stop laughing!
RandomFlareon 11 dager siden
4:07 I can’t stop laughing!
Rusty R3volva
Rusty R3volva 11 dager siden
I didn't think I'd see the word 'arse' in an American video.
someone else do it
someone else do it 12 dager siden
The actual yelp of fear from Jon (9:33) was more then I bargained for
Child Of Flesh
Child Of Flesh 12 dager siden
The eternal youth mask looks like it would mind control you into a cult of fellow mask wearers
Jarl Havi
Jarl Havi 12 dager siden
I always laugh till I cry when watching these videos
Glitchan Black
Glitchan Black 12 dager siden
14:05 for the meme.
B.P.G LIVE 13 dager siden
Dude pulled a coryxkenshin on us
Sirtoppumgottem 13 dager siden
My life has aged more in years than the videos in this channel in the time he took to make a video after the Steven Segal fuck show
Dion Sauni
Dion Sauni 13 dager siden
Fr tho the Korean lady in yellow is pretty
Football Cam G H 7
Football Cam G H 7 13 dager siden
The last time I watched a Jontron video i was 7 now i have 12 grandchildren
Weston Talley
Weston Talley 13 dager siden
10:04 she looks like she’s ready for the purge
Max Abbott
Max Abbott 14 dager siden
“oK nOw YoU havE My atTenTioN” I lost it god
yodogerik 14 dager siden
I fear no man. But that thing… *Dummy Thicc Jon* It scares me…
DaSpencerHere 14 dager siden
I like to imagine that Jon just keeps a roll of toilet paper on stand-by.
Kame-Sennin 14 dager siden
bruh how are u so funny xD
MaximilianLG 14 dager siden
I actually scrunch my shit. I mean, not my actual shit, but like, my paper. (I will regret this comment within either the next few years, or the next few weeks.)
Tomato 14 dager siden
11:09 The Stone Mask
The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit 14 dager siden
you wear it and have to reject your humanity
Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus 15 dager siden
That robot is literally an overdesigned google home or alexa XD
ValensBellator 15 dager siden
I cannot imagine that comfort wipe ever actually working
Official Sega Genesis
Official Sega Genesis 15 dager siden
"U.N. mandated senior citizen's day? Nope! The f*cking army bitches"
The_IronReaper 15 dager siden
I swear Ive seen that mask in a horror movie before
Johnnylew 15 dager siden
I misread "get honey for free today" in the description as "get horny for free today!" so i got scared jontron started an onlyfans or some shit
jessepinkman 16 dager siden
The cane fu guy is like a npc in a dojo that never runs out of dialogue, like look at the way he just looks at random spots and talks to it
Warvell1 16 dager siden
0:39 you know what though, if the rest of her looks the way her feet, head and neck look, maybe I would?
Stella Castillo
Stella Castillo 16 dager siden
Pixar moms be like : 8:21
dark dragonseye
dark dragonseye 16 dager siden
XD its too funnyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
l0nly m1lk
l0nly m1lk 16 dager siden
This video should be nominated for an emmy
Rage against the Washing machine
Tbh most of these are for people with disabilities
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 17 dager siden
Dose he know hardly anybody folds and alot more ppl are scrunching toilet paper
kazuma advocate of true gender equality
I scrunch toilet paper, and nobody cares
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton 17 dager siden
"The best inventions are the ones that have already been invented" BRILLIANT!
Nico Panasiuk
Nico Panasiuk 17 dager siden
The fucking drums killed me XD
sorgan 71
sorgan 71 17 dager siden
14:36 your mom and me
pigstar 101
pigstar 101 17 dager siden
( ;
Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck 18 dager siden
It took me a full 10 seconds to realize the bongo man was also jon
AVERY MCENTIRE 18 dager siden
How does he keep a solid source of income going on such long hiatuses
The Rat King
The Rat King 14 dager siden
Because he still gets revenue from older videos. Just look at the newest comments for them and you'll see
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