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Jon Jafari - Director/Actor/Lead Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative Writer
Mike Shayne - Gaffer/Assistant Cameraman/Creative Writer
Andrew Reynoso - Editor/Creative Writer
Lynell Vinyua - Production Designer
Charlotte Claw - Production Coordinator
Lewis Bown - Narration
Meel Lycatae - Hill Falldowner
Kov Zoborobino - Key Bratmaster



29. april. 2019





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Kommentarer 18 917   
JonTronShow 2 år siden
Hope you guys liked this video, making it was pretty insane LOL. Also thanks again to Philo for sponsoring so I can bring you THE BIG VIDS!! Click here to try em out www.influencerlink.org/SHQX
Throwaway 97265
Throwaway 97265 2 måneder siden
@Brandon Ponce çc
Jack Brody
Jack Brody 4 måneder siden
Ppppppppppppppwpppppppppppruupppppppooppoypyy Yy
Jack Brody
Jack Brody 4 måneder siden
Iio@Brandon Poncepo oipuPui
R00STER O'Hagan
R00STER O'Hagan 6 måneder siden
A comment within a comment. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!
hhris C
hhris C 7 måneder siden
That link doesn't work, sooo.......?
John McClary
John McClary 6 dager siden
Oh, shit, there's a fort McClary. Hell yea
Brea Canyon Drifter
Brea Canyon Drifter 10 dager siden
My gf makes her own clam juice, actually she can, uh, squirt it
Zephyr 11 dager siden
I feel honored that my state has been represented this well by my man.
DEADZ 11 dager siden
Mark 12 dager siden
Jeff X
Jeff X 14 dager siden
JonTron videos soothe my raging mind.
U13 Vegeta Da Brutal
U13 Vegeta Da Brutal 17 dager siden
Who the 🤬 watches TV programming? The elderly & naive. (It's A Sad World)
Peppermint Nightmare
Peppermint Nightmare 20 dager siden
That Fish Monger is a cutie.
Kilgorio 20 dager siden
Ellis Spear
Ellis Spear 22 dager siden
this is hilarious , Thanks Jon
Sad Dad
Sad Dad 22 dager siden
I think it's weird that Jon hung out in the park I usually hang out in which is Prescott park.
Herpoon 23 dager siden
I've never seen any video evidence of New Hampshire. I thought it was a myth.
SanteriSuuri 23 dager siden
For only 20 dollars a month you get acces to over 57 channels for only blabla... Philo had 58 channels😂
ItsHammerTime 23 dager siden
clam juice legitimately tastes like the dark soul death sound
Cameron Tipton
Cameron Tipton 24 dager siden
9:24 this is how kids fight on the playground
Madiffy 25 dager siden
The fact that Jon went to a fish shop 30 seconds away from me and I didn’t know makes me very mad
Tyler Webb
Tyler Webb 25 dager siden
Did John ever close the toilet lid?
BuckwildDSV 25 dager siden
Is that dean Fog from the magicians?
Luca-Gianni Rigby
Luca-Gianni Rigby 25 dager siden
Whats the accident?!
Mad Cabber
Mad Cabber 26 dager siden
What city does this take place in I might want to move there myself
Bread Skate
Bread Skate 27 dager siden
1:18 is it me or is that the Barney theme song
Dragon bean Z
Dragon bean Z 28 dager siden
John collecting rocks in 4K
Aaron Schuschu
Aaron Schuschu 29 dager siden
Is this a James Townsend and Son parody lol
You didn't go to ether Shaws or Star Mart. I am disappointed.
Riley Ross
Riley Ross Måned siden
I thought he was making a video on Jonny English the comedy spy movie
duhhh Måned siden
Borneo i live there
Andrei Ivanov
Andrei Ivanov Måned siden
Hongo Måned siden
Is that Jon Townshend?
Cffrfgbfbfbf Måned siden
This was two years ago?
The2ndKombat Måned siden
dense jungle of Borneo is not so dense now 😢
joy _ku
joy _ku Måned siden
Storm Evans
Storm Evans Måned siden
"So it's not a slur, we can still call you that.."
Ben Kimball
Ben Kimball Måned siden
I know where he is because I live NH
Lil' Tater
Lil' Tater Måned siden
The fish saleslady is NOT a fan of yes-anding
Omar López
Omar López Måned siden
The rifleman's house is a straight up Minecraft hut: no windows with glass, no door, no roof, floor is dirt.
Ryan McElheny
Ryan McElheny Måned siden
It's a item
Eddie Orly
Eddie Orly Måned siden
i THOUGHT HE SHAT IN THe trash can
GötzeLP Måned siden
This is how many great persons died...
rugiiman Måned siden
I’m a New Hampshirite! Ooh! Ooh! Someone acknowledged us!
Getting a new iPhone is getting windows vista
Definitely A Human
Definitely A Human Måned siden
Was that SMT music in the background of sponsorship at the beginning?
Sebastián Farías Wilhelm
"over 57 channels"... they are 78 channels... you did not lie... i think...
Eevee Pizza
Eevee Pizza Måned siden
The four frail mask literally plan because neon endogenously manage of a debonair coil. entertaining, jealous population
Khoros Mythos
Khoros Mythos Måned siden
She can pull my rear out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mister Sleepyhead
Mister Sleepyhead Måned siden
6:29 Mom in the Mexican restaurant pointing at the jalapeños
Flip Side
Flip Side Måned siden
The DS Death Effect is absolutely perfect for Jon's expressions
Sawta Måned siden
Not gonna lie, New England has some of the cleanest public bathrooms I've ever seen.
ISuckAtGaming Måned siden
Yall use smt music at the start of the vid?
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Is "The internet Historian" the voice of the narrator? Sounds so much like him
Connor Måned siden
That fishmonger lady is fineeeeeeeeeeee
Moserfugger Måned siden
I am german. Now I know amerikan histery. Dankeschön, Jon! :-)
pratik Måned siden
The women got the best advertisement a fishmarket would ever get
sharkoe and the Olympians
The walking dead! *clicks on spongebob*
Matt B
Matt B Måned siden
Hey! thats portsmouth new hampshire! i live near there 😃
Those Dark Souls sounds with the clam juice fit perfectly. I always thought clam juice sounded disgusting.
Mr Maneak
Mr Maneak Måned siden
Damn, nothing like watching a grown man diss New England, the place that I live mind you.
Branden Rozek
Branden Rozek Måned siden
0:43 why the fuck is Spongebob recommended?
Very Questionable
Very Questionable Måned siden
The entire fish store part reeked of Eric andre and I love it
Mister Story
Mister Story Måned siden
I love these types of episodes of jontron. When he emerges from his cryo sleep and tries to blend in with humans
8MoonKnight8 2 måneder siden
Why couldn’t John be my u.s. history teacher
Concordia Jedi
Concordia Jedi 2 måneder siden
I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I'm attracted to the Fishmonger.
Helladamnleet 2 måneder siden
The fish lady was super cute. Not just look wise, like personality wise.
FlashFwrdFilms 2 måneder siden
I wish there was a part 2....
Philip Mateo
Philip Mateo 2 måneder siden
Honestly this is a pretty good history doc. I'd put this on for my students
Mrsnuffles 2 måneder siden
History channels at Midnight.
Honest John
Honest John 2 måneder siden
Watching you stumble around on those rocks was painful.
Eclip5e - Music
Eclip5e - Music 2 måneder siden
Dude i had to laugh so hard xDD Just look at her face at 6:34 haha
Benjamin Swatosh
Benjamin Swatosh 2 måneder siden
You may fancy something like The walking Dead -goes to SpongeBob
Penny Cat
Penny Cat 2 måneder siden
kids whenever they go on field trips to ancient places 9:17
Mono4on 2 måneder siden
ma dawg tron probably destroyed that putang after that fishy interview, especially after that crab thing, show us the real entertainment bruh
StevenLightning 2 måneder siden
I really have to wonder how much Jon told the lady at the fish market beforehand lol
Void God
Void God 2 måneder siden
Aaaa, my favorite cooking video.
KuroNoTenno 2 måneder siden
What kind of degenerate eats fish with lemons? You westerners are weird.
Kid Wood
Kid Wood 2 måneder siden
*chops celery with intensity* "this is how they do it in Japan 🇯🇵" lmao
Space Pirate
Space Pirate 2 måneder siden
Cringing at Jon foraging near busy roads
Jose Garay
Jose Garay 2 måneder siden
I guess... we won.
stalkersas 2 måneder siden
Jon Trownsends and sons?
Yonael 2 måneder siden
11:13 dead birds and beached whales were common art motifs in the 19th century.
Winter Heart
Winter Heart 2 måneder siden
I actually cringed when John took a sip of that clam juice, John don't told yourself doing stuff like that you will end up like four Mr sausage his fans have him making stuff like dirt sausages
wait.for.me 2 måneder siden
I dared my husband to drink a bottle of clam juice when we were wasted one night and he drank the whole thing.
AJ 2 måneder siden
Psycho Lamborghini
Psycho Lamborghini 2 måneder siden
He nuked the brits lmao
Your Rekt Dreams
Your Rekt Dreams 2 måneder siden
Townsends hittin' different today
G_MIXES AJL 2 måneder siden
4:58 😳
Mighty Samurott
Mighty Samurott 2 måneder siden
I've been to New Hampshire several times and I have not died once. I am free
Death Waffle
Death Waffle 2 måneder siden
That girl is so confused lol
JediOutcastKyle 2 måneder siden
"We're a little unconventional" "Liberals" Confirmed, JonTron is Based.
Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams 2 måneder siden
Is JonTron unaware we have a Spanish-speaking territory?
Fiamma Nera Patrick
Fiamma Nera Patrick 2 måneder siden
"Next time you try to take America, we'll come for fucking London!" -Jontron 2019
BickyBik 2 måneder siden
Everytime I go back to this video I laugh my ass off. I don't know why though, I don't understand anything at whats going on tbh.
Oh so this is why my ancestors stayed in Britain
Murderous Raven
Murderous Raven 2 måneder siden
That lady in the fish market was so not having any of it
P S 2 måneder siden
I had no idea New Hampshire’s slogan was live free or die that’s pretty bad ass.. hopefully they haven’t changed it to comply or die.
Pants 2 måneder siden
Why was sponge bob under “The Walking Dead????”
CaptainButtCheeks 2 måneder siden
Thanks Gaia *kissy kissy
Hannah Avila
Hannah Avila 2 måneder siden
*Jon, what the fuck is your channel*
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 3 måneder siden
Screen: "58 channels" Jon: "You get over 57 channels" *Mercantile raised to 100*
Parker Gallant
Parker Gallant 3 måneder siden
Sea manatee as apposed to land manatee
Ultimate Enemy Armored Temmie
9:08 Jontron finds my Minecraft Masterpiece house. Spent a full month making that and there he is, pointing out the lack of a roof and dirt ground. Its called Progressive Anti-Social Modernism, where I put effort into building amazing walls, but I make sure that my potential is uncapped, and that the floor which holds my future is forever futile.
Ultimate Enemy Armored Temmie
Fertile. Damn it
He Loves Pepper Spray!
Disney Bootlegs - JonTron
Foodfight! - JonTron
Ganger 18 mill
He Loves Pepper Spray!
Mind blown 🤯🤣
Ganger 4,3 mill